Friday, December 21, 2007

A Different idea for Christmas Dinner

This Thanksgiving, we bought 2 turkeys because they were only 5 dollars each, and are yummy, so the more the merrier, right? and then I bought a humongous glazed ham. All this to feed just 4 people this holiday. So by the time we finished it all off, needless to say we are burnt out!

So what do you do for Christmas dinner if you're burnt out too? Just try something different!

This year for Christmas we just couldn't stare another turkey in the face, so we agreed upon a fancy party tray. What I did was bought some good bread (or you can make some homemade bread if you have a breadmaker), and buy lots of deli meat. We bought roast beef, ham, turkey, and pastrami. Then you need cheese so we went with Deli Swiss cheese (yum!), and lettuce, and then I went to the party store and bought little party knife picks to put in the center of the sandwiches to make them look fancy.

So I am gonna put this all together, however way I want, and then cut the sandwich into triangles. then I am going to put my fancy pick in the center and woila. fancy party sandwiches.

I also bought some ritz crackers to go along with my party tray along with a block of mild cheddar cheese.

So this will be fun to eat, and less cooking for me, and my husband loves the idea. It's a win win and I can't wait!

Good in D.C.

Just when I though all hope was lost here finding a descent person in the D.C. area, I finally got the chance to meet one yesterday. I went to burger king yesterday to order my lunch and this older gentleman came up and bought it for me. I was just so surprised and touched by this because of all the bad experiences with people I have had so far here. I am just greatful I have been able to see a little ray of hope in this dark world. I really feel that God has seen my pain and he was just reassuring me that there are good people here.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why are people so mean?

It seems that I can't even go out of my house anymore for a quick trip to the gas station without running into at least one mean, rude person. Is this just the area in which I live?

I origionally am from a small, do nothing town, and was forced to move to Washington D.C. since my husband joined the military. I have never had problems making friends ever in my life until I came here, and I don't know if it is just society in general is just getting crueler and crueler, or it's the area I live, or if it's just me!

Sad enough, I don't even desire to leave my home anymore because of who I am going to run into that is going to ruin my day. I don't know how to handle this, except for buying some relaxation medication and just taking it.

This is just one example:
Yesterday I made my quick trip to the gas station to pick up some cooking spray to do my christmas cooking and this lady in line beside me started talking to my little girl. I smiled. And then my daughter said, "mom, I'm hungry!" she only said this because she wanted junk food as I had just fed her a big lunch, which you could still see all over her face! and that lady told my daughter, "awe! she's gonna take you home right now and feed you!" (what nerve!) I said no, I'm not!, and then the lady said, "Oh yes she is baby! she's gonna take you home right now and feed you!" I said no! no I'm not! and so at that point my little girl started balling and throwing a fit just cuz this lady couldn't shut her mouth where it wasn't her place to say anything anyway!

What is wrong with people? What could I have done differently? I could really use some advice. I am trying to live a christian life, to love people, but how can you love people when they are this way? If anyone knows the secret, by all means please post a comment and let me know! Thanks to everyone.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Delicious and simple Christmas treat

Christmas Myspace Comments

I am all about simplicity. After all, I want to spend most of my time with my family, not stuck in the kitchen, but you can still make things homemade and have the pride of calling them your own without wasting a lot of your time.
Your kids can even help you out with this simple idea!

Edible Christmas Wreaths

What you'll need:
-bag of mini marshmallows
-green food coloring
-cinammon candies
-Corn Flakes
-stick of margarine

First you will need to place a stick of margarine into a large pot and heat on low/med heat. Let the margarine start to melt and start mixing in the marshmallows.
When the marshmallows are almost completely melted, then put your desired amount of green food coloring in until you reached your desired green color.

Now pour your corn flakes in with the marshmallows a little at a time and mix with a large spoon. (I dont' measure out the cornflakes, I just make sure that the flakes are completely covered with the green marshmallows, and you will be able to tell if you don't have enough corn flakes in if your wreaths look a little runny)

AS SOON as the corn flakes are completely green and covered with the marsmallow mix, immediately start scooping with your spoon onto a greased cookie sheet, placing your cinnamon candies on as you go, wherever you want them! I put 3 in a group with a total of 2-3 groups on each wreath.

This takes a total of about 10 minutes to make!

Once you have used up all of your corn flake/marshmallow mix, you are done and you can either eat them after they cool, store them at room temperature covered, or do as I do and put them in the refrigerator. (I like the taste of them cold!)

So I know this probably seems like a lot but I just wanted to include as much detail as possible so you have no problems making these. I make these every year and they are the FAVORITE treat!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Kindergartener kicked off the bus?!!!

Boy what a day folks! I'm happy one minute, the next, the school bus coordinator is calling me chewing me out like I am the worst parent in the world, telling me about the worst child in the world... MINE.

I know that I am his mom, and this may sound like I am being defensive, but I know my son.

First of all, my son is a special needs student who has had problems on the bus ever since this school year began. First (as I stated in an earlier post), they kept putting my 5 year old on the wrong bus and dropping him God knows where (I never did find out!), and then when that was fixed and he was at least getting on the right bus, he started complaining about other children. He does not talk really well and as I said, is in special needs, but he is a sweet kid that is sweet to others, and I will admit he does go with the crowd, but is not an istigator.

So the bus coordinator starts barking at me right away about him spitting on kids so much that "all of them had to change their clothes"..... first of all, is that statement even humanly possible? come on! I personally think that guy is exaggerating! Second, I want to see my son's clothes, cuz I guarantee you will find spit on him too!

I told him this and I said he has been telling me about kids spitting on him since school started but I didn't say anything. Also, just yesterday, he told me about a kid that said he was gonna punch him in the face! And they wanna act like my child is the one and only bad guy.

So he said he is suspended from the bus and I need to find him another ride to school. Well, I am more than happy to cuz I have never heard of a school bus system being so messed up in my whole life.

We will see what he says when he gets home. Yes, he will still be punished for this. He will have his video games taken away from him for a week. I am not saying that it was right, whatever he did, but I'm pretty sure that story that was told to me was not all of it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Saved By the Light!

Saved By the Lightis a book by Dannion Brinkley, a man that died and lived to tell about it. I must admit I am drawn by these types of books, but this book helped turn my life around.

I read it in just 2 days (204 pages) so I must say this is a read that you just can't put down! I was just dying to know what this guy was gonna say next!

Dannion was not really a christian at the time, so that made it very interesting.

He states in the book that 13 angels showed him 117 revelations of the future-95 of which have already came true! And this book was released in 1994, so I did some more research on the remaining future events and found that most of them ARE IN THE WORKS! Well on their way to coming true as well!

I will give you a little taste. One of the angels told him (in 1975 mind you), that in the future, Oil will be used as a weapon to control the world economy... folks, is this not happening right now?

You will have to read the book to find more. There are 10 MORE visions he had of the future and they are all listed in his book. I strongly recommend this read as it has changed my life.

We have been struggling to go to church and to find a church in the new town that we moved to, and after reading this book, God revealed many things to me and now we have found a fantastic church, our marriage is even getting better, and I feel like a new person! If you would like to read this book, they are practically giving it away since this book has been out several years now. It was on the New York Times Bestseller List for over 5 months, and you can get it for the best price here.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

23 Minutes in HELL

23 Minutes in HELL is a compelling and can't put it down read about one man that actually spent 23 minutes in hell, and lived to tell about it. I have read this book actually 3 times. The first time I read it, I finished it in one sitting it was so good. Definitely a book you just can't put down.

In this book, he describes the smells, the terrorizing demons, screams of agony, and the strong hand of God lifting him from the pit.

There are plenty of verses to back up his story and he has done extensive research on hell after his experience. The book contains more than 150 verses in reference to hell.

In this book, many of our questions about hell are answered for us such as:
Is Hell an actual place?
Where is it?
Do you have a body in hell?
Are there children in hell?
Can good people go to hell?
...and more!

I can guarantee this book will get your attention, it got mine, and I often re-read it to remind myself and keep myself on the right track.

This book gives you a real, detailed glimpse into hell, and hopefully this book will be the closest we ever come to experiencing it. If you would like to see the book, click here.

Monday, November 26, 2007

A New Look at Christmas

Do you often buy out of obligation? Buying things that most likely get returned the day after Christmas? The best way I know of to combat this humbug attitude in people is to give them something unique, special, something they couldn't quite buy at the store.

More often, people just want to know that you care about them. Well, I am tired of giving meaningless gifts every year that no one cares about. I even asked my brother last year, "Did your wife like the gift I got her?" and he said, "Actually, not really it's not her thing" Rude right? But it really got me thinking in another mode.

Now, I am all for buying people what they say they need or can't afford at the time, adding a personal touch, and then seeing the reaction that I get.

You don't have to be some kind of great artist to do this, Lord knows I'm not, but it doesn't take much to add a little uniqueness to your gifts. It could be using simple appliques that you simply iron on, you can buy supplies at Michaels and make someone a one of a kind purse with iron ons or simple sewing. You can make your own jewelry, even make your own wrist watch. And none of these things are difficult to do. Hey, If I can do it, anyone can! but it just makes it so much more special to the receiver whereas they are more likely to keep it, cherish it, and maybe even pass it down to future generations!

One example from my personal collection: An apron I made for my mom this year. She is a grandma, so I made it look grandmaish and just got creative with it. I didn't use any complicated pattern to make it either. I bought a white high quality apron at Bed, bath, and beyond ($6.00) and my choice of granny material ($1.00 at Michaels craft store), and just sewed it together with simple straight stitch seams. And I think the end product is adorable!

(above) finished product!

(above) detailed fringe, easy to do! just pull out desired amount of thread one by one from all 4 sides, then sew securely onto the apron.

(above) 2 large pockets in the front of apron, simple, but secure seams.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Do you believe in Orbs?

I have to tell you that I am a skeptic, but I still cannot explain the strange orb-looking objects that we captured on our digital camera. We took hundreds of pictures in the same spots and most of them did not capture anything, but here are the results of the few that we did catch!

(above picture) hard to see, but look closely at the blinds.

Are these ghosts? Can they be explained? Leave me your comments!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Making money on a social site!

I'm sure you have been waiting to hear whether this thing is for real. Can you really make money talking to your friends online? Hey, this is new to me too, but I can tell you that The payout is $25.00 now (it was 50 before), and there have been a few friends of mine get paid now to this point. My latest friend to get payment got around $70, and this is just the beginning! As I posted in earlier blogs, I joined about a month ago and am starting to earn at this point. My earnings for October was $.12. This is only my first month. It will go up and I am not concerned about it at all. My very same friends that have now earned $90 and $70 dollar checks started out with $.35 cents in their first month. I am exited about it and having fun. I have met some great friends here. If you still haven't checked it out, you can click the link below. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

More Information on Yuwie

Ok, I finally watched the whole advertisement page for Yuwie, the new blogging, frienship site (or at least it's new to me)

So, you get money every time someone views anything on your page, whether it be a video clip, your blog, profile, absolutely anything. Your payments depend upon how much Yuwie earns from the ads that they place on their site. They say that most sites that host like for instance myspace, are making 20 millions dollars off of us and they do no work. We as bloggers and friends are doing all of the work, so they say they figure they would be cool and give us a little of that money that they are earning from us anyway. They are the only site that does this.

They said the amount that you are paid per view will be different each month, so you may get more, you may get less, but that you have the potential to make $1000 a month just doing what you would be doing anyway... Talking to your friends and blogging. He does not promise this amount, as this depends on if you can get referrals. Then you get paid for a percentage of their pageviews as well as your own, up to 10 levels.

They say that earnings will be tallied up on the 15th of the month (I am guessing that is why it says I have not earned anything yet.) It does show how many times people have viewed my page and so far so good! Hopefully that adds up to something next month.

Anyway, I hope that explains a little bit more, if you would like to sign up, its quick to do and free, just click here, and good luck to you!

New Cool Sites

Man, don't you hate when it barely sprinkles and your electricity goes off, or your cable goes out, or your internet goofs up? That was my problem this morning. My internet is being really wacky. Keeps shutting on and off. I made a new account at and I cannot get on it because of my internet and it is driving me crazy!!!

We have been in a drought here and we finally get a little rain and my internet can't handle it!

I just signed on with yuwie yesterday and am kind of feeling the water there to see what happens. You can supposedly make money for just having friends there and doing your normal thing, so we will see and I will let you know! If you want to learn more about yuwie, just click here.

As far as I have gathered so far, you sign up for your free yuwie account, then you need to get some friends. You need to rate their sites with a 10 rating and add them to your favorites to get more page views, oh and dont forget to leave comments on other people's blogs. Another thing that is helpful is your site has to look cool. They have free layouts right there on the site, more than you could possibly look at and they are all pretty cool. You will also need to blog on your page so you get more people to come to your site and you may also want to add pictures. whew! sounds like a lot, but I did all of this in 1/2 day yesterday and I think mine is looking pretty good. It is pretty straight forward and easy to do.

I have been finding some cool sites today though in between blackouts. I like You can pick music you want to put on your site and it gives you a code for it you can just copy and past to your site.

And for your myspace pages, or yuwie page, I found a couple cool sites.,,, to name just a few.

In case I have failed to mention it before, one of my all time favorites (because I love freebies) is You just put in your mailing address and they will send you all kinds of samples from tide detergent, to post-its, and they are not stingy either. I got a tide sample the other day (which smelled divine) and It came with 1 load of detergent and 2 dryer sheets. And I am definitely buying them when they come to my store they smelled awesome!

So go ahead, check them out. They are all free.

Technical problems

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Daily News

cheap, easy, and delicious family meal

I got this recipe from my mom. It was one of my favorites growing up. She had 5 kids, so she always cooked things that were affordable for all of us. My husband loves this recipe, and he had never even had this before I cooked it for him! Makes me feel special.

This will cost you next to nothing to make.

Tuna Casserole


Wide Egg Noodles (16 oz bag) $1.00*
Campbells cream of mushroom soup (1)$.70*
Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna in water (12 oz can) $1.50*
Campbells Cheddar cheese soup (1)
Shredded cheddar cheese (1 bag) $1.50*

for our family of 4, we always have a TON of leftovers
*prices will vary

Once you have the ingredients, it's easy. Boil some water in a large pot until bubbling, then add your egg noodles. Set your timer for 9 minutes and cook the noodles uncovered, stirring occasionally so they don't stick together. When your buzzer goes off, drain the water out from the noodles, then add your cream of mushroom, tuna, and cheddar cheese soup. Stir it all in and you are pretty much done! I sprinkle the shredded cheddar cheese on top of each individuals dish when I serve this.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Close to a disaster!

Me and my hubby rarely have time together just us anymore with the two kids and his job with the military, it just doesn't happen. So we FINALLY arranged a night out this past Saturday night. It was going to be great. Probably go out and watch a movie, and when we dropped off our first child, it began. Our car wouldn't start. We don't have some clunker mind you (unless I guess you don't like fords) :) but it is a 2004 and it has been a good car for us. Never has problems.

So for some reason our battery was dead, so we sat in the parking log a half an hour trying to figure out what to do and coming to the realization that with our luck, the night was ruined. So some nice people came over to us (they also drive a ford focus) same identical car actually, and gave us a jump. Woila! we are going! Now all we have to do is figure out what is draining the battery.

So we left it running all the way to the auto store which does free battery testing. At least then we can know for sure it is the battery or something else. So we found out that yes, the battery was dead. That is an easy fix and was happy news, besides the fact that we were paying for daycare to fix our car instead of having fun. But all in all, we made the occasion fun. We started dancing in the parking lot of the auto parts store when people would go by with their bumping music and it was fun. They even put in the battery for us (with some assistance from my hubby)

And we were finally on our way. Well, at this point there was no time for a movie, but that didn't bring us down. We still stayed optimistic and decided to go to a Grill to eat. It was fantastic. We ate until our heart were content and everything was divine! I think it made up for the bad start of the night.

So, instead of being a mess, it worked out, we still had fun, even had time to take a stroll down the street together.

When we went to pick up the kids we were joking about what was going to happen next time we want to go out. ... it's not fun for things to go wrong, but see in the end, everything worked out because we didn't lose our cool and we kept being optimistic. Just our mood towards something or our reaction to a situation can determine the rest of our day, or night. I guess we were determined not to let anything as simple as a battery ruin our evening together. And that night will be something I remember forever.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Evan Almighty

I watched this movie in theaters when it came out and it was just awesome. People were actually clapping in the auditorium! And the kids really enjoyed it. I am going to buy it now that it is on DVD. I found it at the best price here.

Easy Homemade Pizza

My mom gave me this recipe for making your own homemade pizza from scratch. It is much cheaper than ordering out and everyone will devour it.

My daughter is very, very picky, but I was shocked when I made this pizza, neither of my kids could eat it fast enough! And my husband is just thrilled that I am doing "homecooking now".

you will need sugar, salt, and flour, but its likely you have that laying around the house already. I like to use sea salt, but you can use your typical table salt.

I buy an 8oz bag of pepperoni (its the biggest bag they have at the grocery store) I get mine for $1.99*.

2lbs of mozarella cheese $5.35* (don't worry, this is a lot of cheese and will last you a long time)

Hunt's seasoned tomato sauce for pizza $.70* (one can will make 2 pizza's)

yeast $2.00* for pack of 3 (but will last you a long time)

So if you add it all up, you spend $11*, and you would have enough ingredients to have pizza just about every day of a whole week. You can't get that kind of a deal with takeout and it seems my family prefers it. The pizza sauce you have left over, I wrap it up good with saran wrap and it will keep in your refrigerator for 14 days. Just to be safe, I get a black permanent marker and put the date on the saran wrap and the date it should be chucked, which I will usually mark a few days earlier than the 14 days just to be safe, and I always use it before then.

(*prices will vary)

So here is the recipe to make 1 homemade pizza:

1 cup warm water
1 tbsp yeast
1 tspn salt
1 tspn sugar
3 cups flour (or more as needed)

Put all the ingredients together in a bowl and knead it for a few minutes. ( This is my favorite part because it helps me get out the frustrations of the day) You can let the dough sit for about an hour in a warm place to let it rise, but if you like thinner crust, this step is not necessary.

You will now want to preheat your oven to 475.

Roll out your dough to fit onto your pizza pan (you can also use a rectangle baking sheet if you wish). Make sure your baking sheet is greased first. Spread on your desired amount of pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozarella cheese (or any other toppings you prefer). Let it bake at 475 for about 10 minutes.

That's it! You just made a homemade pizza your family will love you for!

Friday, October 19, 2007

God has an audible voice?

I have heard people say, yea, God talks to me but I mean like I just feel something in my heart, not an audible voice. While I believe this can be true and I think that God speaks to everyone in his own special way, I HAVE heard an audible voice from God. Now, it was a still, small voice, as it says in the Bible, but I could hear it. This has happened twice in my life, and if it happens to you, you will never forget. I believe that at the time that I could actually hear his voice, it was because he needed me to hear it. I was in danger and he wanted to protect me.

I was driving down a new stretch of highway, 2 lanes going in the same direction. It had just opened a week before when I got onto it. I decided to pass a slow poke in my right lane, so I turned my blinker on and proceeded to enter the left lane. We were coming up a hill that you can't see over when I heard this quiet voice say "Get over" and I thought, "get over? I am almost around this guy" and he said it again,audibly, like a whisper in my ear "get over" so I said "ok" and slowed down and got behind the slowpoke again. Just as I was getting in the right lane, here comes an old lady in the left lane, driving the wrong way right towards me. I just missed a head on collision. That's when I knew that it was God talking to me and that he had just spared my life. I would have died driving 60mph in a head on crash like that. It made me feel good. As long as I am a christian, I don't have to fear anything, because God will take care of me, and even warn me of things! I did not realize until then how much God cared about little ol' me. And it also makes me aware at how scary it can be to be out of the will of God, or to not be a christian and not have that kind of protection. And it makes me realize how important it is to be listening for his voice. Sometimes our lives are so busy or loud, we probably miss some important messages from God. And let me tell you, that is not a message that I would have liked to miss!

The second time this happened where I heard him speak to me, I was going through a confusing time in my life and he gave me a scripture to read and I remember what it was to this day. Isaiah 53. Read it sometime.

Surviving Abuse

This is a very sensitive topic for me, but I thought this might be a good way to get my feelings out, and maybe help someone else.

It has been 6 years and I still have flashbacks of the physical abuse I received in my first marriage. I was married 2 years, a long time in my kind of predicament, but I constantly see stories of people staying in these relationships sometimes to their death, or otherwise they wait to leave 30 years into it. I also am the youngest out of 5 kids in my immediate family to get grey hair at such a young age and I attribute it to my 2 years in that marriage. I was only 21 when I got my first grey hair. Also, if I showed you pictures of me from during that time, which are few and far between, they do not look like me. The stress not only wore and tore on my insides and emotions, I started to look on the outside how I felt on the inside. You wouldn't recognize me if I showed you. Likewise, now that I am in a healthy relationship, I look the best I ever have. I look a lot younger now, like I have turned back the clock.

My deciding point, was when I got pregnant with my first baby and knew that I never wanted my child to see me abused, or worse yet, for him to hurt the baby. I am not giving great detail here because I am in hiding from my abuser. They usually stalk you as mine did.

Why would you even want to be with a person like this in the first place? Lets start at the beginning...

I was young and naive at 19, more naive than some. I had become a christian at 16 and devoted myself to God and helping others. One day this guy (the abuser) started talking to me (we had mutual friends) and told me about the relationship he was in. He was living with a 16 year old girl (he was 22 and started dating her when she was 14 and his parents I later found out kicked him out). He told me he was a christian and that his father was a preacher, so I told him as a friend that how he was living, he knew that it was wrong. I did not expect anything to come from this. People don't usually listen when you tell them things like that, but I guess he had another agenda. I still just thought he was a friend when he brought me to meet his parents, which now I know was just a bid to get his parents back on his good side. "look, I brought home a nice, christian girl" kind of thing. At the time, I was very strict and wore dresses all the time because I believed that is how you should dress as to distinguish that you are a girl.

He broke up with the girl the NEXT day...I am even shaking as I am typing this because this is something I try not to think on anymore.

So then at the beginning, it was all suddle. I was a little surprised and alarmed that he broke up with the girl, but as a friend I told him that was good. It was a very brave thing to do and he probably did the right thing. So it started out that he just hung out with our mutual friends, then it was driving me home, very subtly he snaked his way into my life. He told me everything I wanted to hear in the beginning. We seemed to "want the same things" out of life. He said he wanted to be a preacher like his dad, which appealed to me. And I felt like I was helping him.

The whole thing felt weird to me and we discussed this on mutiple occasions. We just said "lets see what happens". I never liked him in a boyfriend way, but just thought that I could help him, and he had a nice, sweet family, so what's the worst that can happen?

I went on some strange dates with him where he would try to do weird things in public that freaked me out, but I was young, and he made me feel like I was freaking out because there was something wrong with me. Like he did some odd things that I don't care to talk about and the next day, I told him that I wanted to date other people and wasn't sure if we were going anywhere. He tried to talk me out of it but I really didn't like him. I started actively looking for someone else. I went out on a date with this guy I worked with soon after that conversation, and he followed me the whole time on my date! And my date knew it too. It was embarassing. When he drove me home, he went to my neighbors house, got out of his truck and stared at us, I guess to see if I was going to kiss him or something. It was so embarassing, I never got to see that guy again. So the next night after that, I worked until 11:30 pm, and as I was walking to my car, he jumped out of a dark corner and scared me. I was like, "what are you doing here, its almost midnight?" he said "I wanted to see you and he begged me to go out with him". It was at that moment that I knew that he wouldn't stop leaving me alone unless I went along with it, so I did.

I realize in hindsight, I could have gone to the police for stalking or something, but I didn't know that at the time. I thought I had to handle it myself. Well, soon after this, he raped me and honestly, I was so clueless at the time, I didn't call it that back then. I blamed myself, but I tried to push him off me and I was screaming at him no and to stop but he seemed to enjoy the fight. Sicko. But as I said, I was a christian and in my mind I though that well, I have done this and now we have to get married. I thought it was the right thing to do in Gods eyes.

Between that time, and the wedding, there were 2 times when he publicly beat me and the police got involved and actually pulled their guns on him. They kept telling me it wasn't my fault and that I deserved better, but they didn't understand that he would just find me and go after me. I saw no way away from him. Even after all of this, no charges were filed against him, the police just drove me home and told my parents what happened.

So why did my family allow me to get married since they knew what he was like? I have no idea. They knew that I didn't like him in that way. When the preacher said "is there anyone who believes these two should not be joined", I was seriously waiting for someone to stand up and save me... it was quiet, and we were married. More beatings happened the first night. The honeymoon night.

As soon as we were married, we moved out of state because he claimed he wanted to go to college to become a preacher. He went to the college and preached sermons that I listened to, and I always hoped that he would change and constantly prayed for him, and for myself to make it through.

Obviously, more happened than I am stating here, but if I were to write in every single thing, this would be a 1,000 page novel, so I am trying to condense this.

He was mad at me one day, and he threatened to wreck the car into various things in the middle of nowhere where no one would find me because I wanted to get out. I was so scared. Somehow, I convinced him to just take me to my brothers house to clear my head and we would talk the next day. I spent the night there, trying to plot how to get out of the situation. I had already talked with my pastor and he was willing to fly me out. I was just scared at the thought. I had no money, no job because he was controlling and he wouldn't let me work. If I got a job, he made sure he got me fired from it. I just didn't know what to do and I was afraid if I left him, he would kill me.

So I went back with him the next day and of course he was so sorry and would never do that again. I started having nightmares...about my own husband! That alarmed me. There was one time that I dreamed that he was going to kill me. He put his hands around my neck, smiling and evil smile, with scorching red eyes. When I woke up, the room didn't feel right. I felt some kind of evil presence.. He was awake and said that I was laughing but it was not my laugh. That scared me. I can't be posessed right? I am a christian? How is that possible? I have since had people tell me that he may have just told me that to scare me and that there may very well been a presence in the room but I wouldn't have been posessed.

I prayed all the time, God, what do I do? Is it wrong for me to leave him? I don't believe in divorce. I never seemed to find my answer, so I stayed.

He beat me again, and again, and finally I told him, "I am not supporting your wishes to be a pastor anymore (I was doing his homework for him). I told him that he was not right and I wasn't going to help him in that anymore until he stopped hitting me. He said "fine" and instead of maybe saying he would change or something, he dropped out of college and we went back to our hometown. We stayed with his parents for a while, in which even in their own house, he tried to suffocate me with a pillow, of course he justified it by saying "I didn't want you to wake up my parents with your screaming", when I found out I was pregnant while we were living with them, he pushed me down their stairs and said "I'm sorry, you don't look pregnant so I didn't think about that". While we were there, behind his back I applied for my own housing and got accepted, but yet again he said he was so sorry and would never do it again, and I thought the christian thing to do was to give him his chances.

So again, we moved away from my family, his family, everyone. He wouldn't let me work or have friends.

We were living in a shack (literally) when I was pregnant. I was about 5 months along now and was showing quite clearly. We were moving out of this shack to go to another one and we started fighting over the vacuum. He would not let me take it. I told him, this is our last day to move out and we can't come back and get it. It was the only thing that I owned that was mine anymore. Anything I had before I married him, he broke it, he broke everything, and the vacuum was the only thing I had left. Silly, huh?

So we got in a big fight over, thats right, the vacuum. I begged him. There was enough room, just let me get it... somehow this escalated into him headbutting me in the head, dragging me around by my hair, and popping my neck. At the moment he twisted my neck around and it popped numerous times, the whole room fell quiet, I was quiet, for a second I thought I was dead. That's when I knew it was life or death that I get away from him. For myself and my unborn baby. When I realized I was still alive, I screamed so loud, I was so scared. I think I had God's protection. I finally told him that I had had enough and acted like i was going to cooperate. He had a hold of my arm so I wouldn't get away. I told him I wouldn't run, I'm done fighting and as soon as we were out side, holding my belly, I made a break for it and ran to the landlords house and for some reason he couldn't catch me (again, I think God helped me I was praying at the time) He sped off in his car (the only car we owned) and I asked for help from the landlord and told them what happened. I called my family and they picked me up that night. I should have went to the hospital with what he did to me, but I was afraid. I have seen the shows on tv where they will arrest people for being pregnant and letting abuse happen like that. so I refused to go and I went to live with my parents.

I lived there for about a month and he called saying he missed me and was sorry and would never do it again. He said he would even go to counseling, but that I should go first. well, I went to counseling and she basically just sent me on my way because she couldn't give marriage counseling with the spouse missing. I did not tell her about the abuse though. Again, I knew if anyone knew I was in danger, I would be arrested, or he would be arrested for a few months, get out, and then kill me. Nice justice system we have, isn't it?

I decided to try again. By now, my family was very aware of what was going on and my brothers were very worried about me. One of my brothers talked to me and told me I shouldn't go back. I told him to trust me and that God would take care of me, and I may get hurt again, but he cannot take my life because I have God's protection. I still believe that to be true.

I went back and he acted like he missed me, but to this day, he probably doesn't know that his friend that he was living with told me that the day after I left he was with other girls. His friend said to me"well, he though you weren't coming back". Wow. Yea he missed me, he missed his punching bag I guess. I went into premature labor, I knew that I probably would because of the stress and the beatings but my doctor did not know this. They managed to stop my labor and I went home, still having the baby a month early. Besides being Jaundiced, he was healthy. And I thought, maybe now that there is a baby, he will stop hitting me. Well, he didn't of course and even one time we were fighting and he was holding the baby and was covering his mouth and nose yelling at me, as the baby started to flail. I got scared and yanked the baby away from him. He said he didn't mean to, but I wasn't going to wait for an 'accident' to happen. From then on, I carefully planned my escape. I took what little money he had saved, got my own job, packed up my car, and waited for him to hit me, one more time. I already warned him and I guess he didn't believe me. I said, "now you know if you hurt me again, I have to leave" He said "ok ok I know I won't do it again.

So it didn't take long, a day or two, and I guess he didn't believe me because he beat me again, knocked me out of my chair, pinned me against the wall and told me if I told anyone, he would kill me. I said okay and acted like I wasn't going to tell anyone. I went to work because he dropped me off, but as soon as I entered the building I told my manager to call the police. I met the police at my house when they arrested him. He was in jail a total of 24 hours. He eventually pled guilty to that and got 2 years probation. That was the extent of his punishment for years of abuse.

I did not let him come back to me again. I had watched enough oprah to know that I did not want to be one of those women that has 3 kids and 30 years later and my kids have to see that. Not me. I refused to let that be me. I reclaimed my life and had the locks changed on the house. I was free, so I thought. he broke into my house late one night through the back door and I was holding the baby and he pulled a knife on me. I ran outside frantic and none of the neighbors seemed to care what was going on. A friend of mine drove me to the police station where I gave my statement. They tried to find him, but they told me if he went out of the county that there was nothing they could do because it would be out of their jursisdiction. That is the stupidest thing I have heard. So, he didn't get arrested, he pled not guilty in court but he was charged with unlawful use of a weapon at least because of the evidence and testimonies, and he still to this day cannot hold a job because of the little criminal record I was able to get filed on him. He also eventually lost his license because of failure to pay child support.

Later, I found out that he called my mom and threatened to kill her and the rest of my family.

Sure, there are a lot of things I wish I could do over, like staying away from the phsyco from the start, but I was young and I just thought that you could trust people. I have always lived by the scripture, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" Unfortunately, sometimes that means you get hurt. They will have their reward someday, if they do not get it on this earth.

God was faithful to me. He spared my life, on numerous occasions, and I left that relationship early enough that my son will not have to ever see that kind of behavior. Or see his mommy get hurt. I kicked that creap out when my baby was 5 months old and soon after, I was not looking for anyone else of course and did not think that I would ever marry again, but God unexpectantly brought a great guy into my life that was totally crazy about me and loved my baby and we got married, and everything turned out perfect. I never though I would have a life after that, but I am more happy now than I ever thought was possible. My ex won't dare to come near me now because I have someone that will protect me from that, and truth is, all wife beaters are anyways are cowards that like to prey on people weaker than them.

So if you are in a relationship similar, call it what it is, be smart, get protection, restraining orders, anything you can and don't let this rule your life any longer. I am glad I did. I came to the conclusion from reading the Bible that God does not want us to be in pain. He is a loving God and cares about us, like we care about our own kids, we are his kids. I believe there are a few instances where divorce is an option, but it is always our choice. Our free will, and I don't believe that because I divorced this person that I will not make heaven. Also, you need to realize something that I did not know at the time. When you are in a situation like that , all you are thinking about is survival. How to get out of it, etc, but the longer you take the death threats, and the abuse, the more it will haunt you perhaps for the rest of your life. I am pretty sure that I have post traumatic stress disorder because of my experience. Not a fun way to live. I have sudden flashbacks sometimes I have to fight, I can't watch certain movies or types of movies anymore that may trigger a memory. It is traumatic. I did watch the movie "Enough" with Jennifer Lopez and I wished I could have been more like her. you don't think about it while it is happening... that the memories will follow you, but they do, so get out before you become traumatized.

Oh and by the way, I don't wear dresses anymore. I think they are too accessible, and my daughter will never wear one to school or anywhere else unless there are pants under them. This is just my personal opinion, but I believe I could have avoided my rape and gotten away had it been more difficult for him.

I don't even talk about this to anyone anymore. No one around me knows what I have been through except my husband. As far as they know, I had both of my children with my current husband. Everyone even says they look alike. They even have similar interests and talents. I think it's interesting how God works things out that way. But to my son, this is his daddy. The only daddy he has ever know. His biological sperm donor never cared to see him. He didn't even stay in the room when I was giving birth! He went out to eat with his parents and left me in the hospital alone! He never used his visitation, and never sent child support. My husband adopted my son to make him officially his just 2 years ago. I just wanted to start completely new, without people looking at me a certain way, and I like it that way.

I have a fantastic life now, couldn't be better. My husband coudn't be more opposite than my first. and now that is off my chest, that is all I want to focus on now. I have been with my new husband for 5 years now. I am still young and I have the rest of my life ahead of me. You can have a happy ending too.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What is TMD?

It stands for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. A disorder that affects 5-15% of people in the US according to NIDCR. I am among the 5-15% that suffer with this every day.

It took a long time for me to be diagnosed, and everyones is a little different, but mine started out when I woke up one morning not able to open my mouth. We are very fragil I suppose as humans. The day before we were moving stuff out of the house we were moving from and my brother was chasing me around the house trying to hit me with a towel, to try to avoid him, I ran into the laundry room that had a shelf at neck level. I fell back on it and it hit my neck. Now I did not think this was a big deal. So I had a little red on my neck and mom told us to stop horsing around. It did not hurt that bad. Problem is, that you can easily slid a disc in your jaw out of place if you have an impact like that. Whiplash can do it too and I have had whiplash as well years earlier.

It's scary to see how simple it can be to change the rest of your life, but from the time I woke up that next day until now, my life has changed. I was 16. It took them 2 years and several doctors to find out what was wrong. At first, my mom didn't even believe me. I'm like hello?! I can't even eat a hamburger! and you think I'm faking??? so finally after 1 month of still complaining that I couldn't open my mouth, my mom started taking me to doctors, chiropracters, dentists. Everyone tried to yank my jaw open with different therapys, but nothing worked. I was starting to get depressed because I couldn't eat, I couldn't yawn. Yawning was painful because I could never do it. I would go to my room and hit my jaw and try to open it myself it had just become too much for this teenager. After a whole summer of lockjaw, my mouth finally opened on it's own one day and ended my depression. I finally got diagnosed by my childhood doctor and she knew right away what was wrong with me.

I had started to get a big bump under one side of my jaw. I thought it was a tumor or something. She said it was just the muscle swollen up on my jaw and demonstrated how I could alleviate the pressure. Cotton balls, basically, and no I never did this. I can't stand the feeling of cotton balls on my teeth. Another chiropracter told me I should not eat anything chewy anymore. Gum, steak, anything chewy. Well what can I eat then? I just finally gave up on all that and after 11 years of having this problem now, I have found out what works for me, or what makes it worse. So, yes, I shouldn't chew gum. Everytime I do (because I can't resist!), I get really bad headaches. Actually, now for the past year or two I have bad bad headaches every single day, every minute of every day that I treat with OTC Excedrin Migraine. That is the only thing that gives me a little relieve and lately that hasnt been working.

My jaw pops all the time. Everytime I have to open it wide. Yawning, singing, eating are the most difficult. You take so much for granted. I don't even remember what it's like to have a normal jaw that doesn't pop all the time. I remember in choir in high school the director didn't know I had this problem and he would get onto me and tell me to open my mouth wider when I sing and I tried to tell him that I couldn't, but he wasn't listening.

I could have surgery, and it may come down to that some day, but I am trying to avoid that. There are risks involved and I just dont want to go that route.

The one thing that I keep around that helps me the most is a rice sock. I just bought a bag of rice, any white rice and fill up an old sock of mine that I can't find a match to tie it off, and microwave it for about a minute and 30 seconds. Then I put it on my jaw, the back of my neck, or wherever I am feeling pain and by the next day, I am at least feeling better than the day before. We even use the rice sock for my husbands muscle pain. The warmth of it does wonders for about anything.

It took me a while of research to find out, but it is not hereditary. It is usually caused by some kind of injury, like a neck injury or jaw injury. People sometimes develop TMJ after car accidents. I didn't seem to have a clear reason for mine. I wouldn't call hitting the back of my neck on a shelf an injury. It wasn't bad, but it is the only explanation I have.

If you can get one, a fitted mouthguard should help. I would like to get one, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. You need to get it from your dentist. You arent' supposed to use the store kind mouthguards if you have TMD.

Also, If your teeth are misaligned, that can also cause you TMJ problems. I also have just one tooth out of alignment and some crowding, and a slight overbite. This may have also contributed to my problems and a friend of mine that has TMD too, she got braces and she said her problems didn't go away, but they got better. And that is something else that I am looking into. I would like to get the new invisalign braces. Clear like trays that fit over your teeth and you can't even tell you have braces in. You can take them out when you're eating. They have flexible payment plans. I would love to get those. If I do, I will let you know. I like that they don't stay in as long as metal braces either. You may have them on for as little as a year. If you are interested, they will send you free information from their website (which I did receive in the mail), even your consultation is free, just go to They give you all the details, even lists invisalign providers in your area so you can schedule your visit.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Real surveys that actually pay you cash

I have found (and signed up for) all kinds of paid survey sites. Some of them give you point to maybe win something, but there are the few I have found that actually pay you, without having to sign up for someone else's offers. One of my favorites is Pine Cone Research. You have to be invited to their panel though. I luckily got in with some hard work and searching.

Another favorite of mine is American Consumer Opinion. It works much like Pinecone, but anyone can join. Their surveys aren't the ones you usually see, they are asking you real questions about your shopping habits, what you usually buy, some are about a new movie coming out, they ask you why you don't like certain products, things like that. They pay really fast by check in the mail. I have included my latest paystub here. I earned $4.00 for this one survey:

Hey, it's not much, but I only took one consumer survey to get that. Not bad. I can buy quite a few candy bars for that, or even buy myself lunch! My husband makes fun of me but I love it. The surveys never take long, and I am always happy to get a check in the mail. So if you want to check them out too, its completely free to join and you can start doing surveys and making some easy money. Just click on the box below:

They do not spam you as far as I have experienced. I have only received e-mails when they had a new survey for me to do, and you don't want those to be thrown out!

Surviving D.C.

George Washington's home at Mount Vernon

I knew when I moved here it was going to be a challenge with traffic n' all, but boy did I underestimate it!

When we first moved here, we tried to go and see the sights and we have some pictures, but most of the time we didn't even stop couldn't or it would be dangerous if you tried. You are just in the way of the locals and they will run you over if you are in their way. Yikes! I could never live here for my whole life.

That was driving our own car. Every book I read tells you not to take a car, to take metro or a bus. I guess we are too scared, so we braved it. You can find parking. You can pay a meter and walk but I really think it's impossible and not worth it if you have kids. We could never walk very far from the car. It was hot, and the kids would get fussy.

We went to the Smithsonian which has many different buildings with different things. Some of the cool stuff is in the Air and Space Museum-upstairs, but we didn't even bother with that because there was such a long line and we had our little ones with us. The Museum of Natural history (I think that is the name) is not even open and that is where they have the coolest stuff like mummies, etc so that is a real bummer. They moved some of the stuff to the Air and Space museum but not all of it, (basically, not the cool stuff). You can find Dorothy from OZ's ruby slippers there but like I said, prepare to wait a long time in line for that.

The National Geographic Society was pretty convenient to find with our GPS and there was a conveniently located parking garage directly across from it with valet. Cool! But, there was really nothing to see at the National Geographic society. They advertise on their website that there is a tornado that you can touch there, and some other cool things... they are gone and have been for years they said, they just said for some reason they can't get them to take it off the website. Probably because they don't have anything else to market to get people to come in. There really isn't anything to do there.

The highlight of the National Geographic trip was going into the picture booth and getting your picture taken on the cover of National Geographic ($5.00), but somehow, it made the trip worth while. Also, they have a penny machine that you can put your pennies in and it will print out a picture on the penny of whatever you want as a souvenier. We got a lot of pennies!

And there is no need to worry about carrying a camera on you, there is nothing to take a picture of! Still, it was fun to go.

My absolute favorite place to go is George Washington's home in Mount Vernon. It is a convenient, back road drive, Cheap to get in. I recommend just buying the season pass. I could have had 2 season passes for the 3 trips that I have made already, and I plan to go again, so go ahead and get the season pass. It's cheap. To get in, I think it's around $13 and a season pass like $18.. around that. Not much at all. They also give cruises on the potomac river that give you an awesome view of his home (which sits right beside the river) and the cruise is around $9 with paid admission. Not too shabby. 45 minute cruise.

There are several movie theaters in the museums that show movies of his life, and they are good quality. We enjoyed them.

They have an old time restaraunt where people dressed like George Washington's era will searve you food, and if you don't like that, they do have a Pizza hut next door, and a couple other food choices in their food court. I love it. Mount Vernon is my favorite place to go.

If you are wanting to move here for whatever reason, I can tell you that the closer you get to D.C., the more dangerous, and dirty. The farther you can get from it, the better you will be. If I was to do it again, I would move to Woodbridge. They have a humongous one story mall, but it's a couple miles long and most of them are outlet stores. Disney store outlet, children's place outlet, JC Penny outlet, etc. If you like mall shopping, you will be very happy with the prices here and it's pretty simple to get to. You take the Manassas exit, merge left as soon as you can, turn left on shoppers best way, and you will run into it ( you will see a walmart on your left). That is another thing about this place. No supercenter wal-marts. Somehow, I have managed to survive without it, but I don't understand. They have these small walmarts in these big cities, not enough employees... why do they have it at all? We never go.

Another weird annoyance of living here. If your destination is 4 miles away, that pretty much means 1/2 hour drive. Pretty crazy.

And I feel sorry for the folks that have to go to work on the "beltway". We have only had to go a couple of times, and even then we went at off times of the day(which is a great time to go!) and we could have gone a different route. You can find better routes. There are always big accidents on the beltway. Lots of people die there. I guess usually at nighttime when the truckers are tired and refuse to make a stop.

About the only good thing is that once you live here for a while, you figure out back routes that most people don't take.

If anyone lives here or is planning a move and would like me to help them with directions somewhere, just post me a comment and I will try to find you the best way to get there.

Monday, October 15, 2007

My Morning Arsenal

I have learned a lot through years and years of trial and error. What works, what doesn't, and decided to share some of my secrets here with you. Everything I have talked about here, is shown in the photo above

1. Take your makeup off at night. If you feel like you simply must leave it on for the sake of society, use mineral makeup. I am in love with Loreal bare naturale mineral makeup in Soft ivory.

2. use facial moisturizer (I use olay facial moisturizer) If you don't, your skin will dry out which will cause wrinkles. I started getting crows feet in my early 20's because I never used it, and I regret that now, but since I have been using facial moisturizer, all of the lines that were showing on my face have vanished. I look younger now than I did in high school, and I am 27! This is not just me saying it, my family and everyone else comments on it too.

3. This should probably be #1, Drink as much water as you can. This will help hydrate your skin from the inside out. I can tell when I don't drink a lot of water my lips start chapping up. Also if you drink too much soda it will dehydrate you fast.

4. Personally, I don't use blush. I haven't used blush for years. I don't like it or how it looks. I use bronzer. You can use any brand you want, cheap or expensive. From my experience, it doesn't seem to matter. Just pick what color you want and put it lightly on your cheeks, forehead, and a little on chin. it will give you a little glow.

5. To make me look chipper and awake in the mornings no matter how I feel, I use revlon shimmer powder. I put it on the lids of my eyes, and around in a 'C' shape around above my brow around to under my eye. It reflect light, so you won't look sleepy.

6. This may sound silly, but if you have a big night out and you have cuts on your legs, or bug bites, or other kind of imperfection, I like using TruBlend by Cover Girl. It's whipped makeup and it makes your legs look airbrushed. Beautiful!

7. Personally, I don't use eyeliner anymore. I used to, but I found out that it was making my eyes swell up, so be careful!

8. I have a recurring problem with my cuticles. They like to shrivle up and be quite ugly, but my Sally Hansen Cuticle massage cream heals it almost in one night!

9. Occasionally, I do have the problem of getting the occasional cyst (acne) on my face that will just not go away, and for that I like to use Neutrogena Rapid Clear. It will reduce the appearance within 8 hours. I put it on before bedtime as needed and it is reduced in size and appearance by the time I wake up the next day. Also, if you don't get enough sleep it will make you break out. I guess my skin is really sensitive. I need my "beauty" sleep! I notice my face is so much clearer and smooth if I catch up on my sleep. And oh yea, CLEAN YOUR PILLOW CASE OFTEN! It harbors all kinds of yucky germs from you drooling on it, sweating on it, and whatever else. Clean it as often as you can and you should see a reduction in breakouts.

10. For special occasions (but very rarely!) I use Loreal infallible makeup. I love the look it gives me, covers exceptionally well, and it lasts forever and ever, BUT-It makes me break out. But I do recommend it for a wedding, or a party, or something where you need your makeup to hold up. Just make sure you wash it off as soon as you get home!

11. Do you have a mole? or other beauty mark that you are proud of? I am proud of mine. I try to put my makeup on around my mole so you can still see it. If I cover it up though, I will use a brown/black pencil and lightly make it darker.

12. Your brows set the tone for the rest of your face. Make sure you pluck regularly (but not too much!) and use a brow pencil to accentuate your brows and shape them as needed. I love using Revlon Brow fantasy.

13. The perfect scent. My husband LOVES Glow after dark by JLo, and I actually love it to. What's most important, is that your man will love it. :) That is after all why we wear it, right? And the bottle it comes in is pretty. I originally told my hubbie that I would wear it for special occasion only to keep it special, but I end up wearing it every day I like it so much!

14. I don't wear lipstick. I wear it lightly if it is a big occasion, but most every day, I just keep hydrated. Currently I am using Lip Smackers cotton candy flavored lip balm. yummy and it smells good, but don't eat it people! it goes on your lips!

15. Extensions, why not? Change it up and have short hair one day and long hair the next, like me! Everyone is probably confused everytime I walk out of my house but it's fun. You can't even tell I'm wearing extensions. They clip into your own hair. It doesn't hurt, and you can do it yourself. I am wearing my extensions in the picture above. You can get your own here.

16. Of all of the mascaras that I have tried, Revlon 3D extreme lived up to my expectations, and is the one that I am currently using, and planning to buy again when it runs out. Be careful the first time you put it on, it may surprise you how much comes out. Once you get the hang of it though, you will have diva lashes.

Well, I think that's about it! If I think of any more tips or find some new ones, I will be sure to add them!

A Strange Encounter

Today I went to the dreaded bus stop, as usual. All the other mommy's are there in their sweatpants and ponytails like they just woke up. That's all right n' all, It's just not for me. I'm just not one of those people that doesn't care about my appearance. And it is not for other people, but I do it because I love my husband, and I want to be something he can be proud of. I never want to be the one of many who "lets themselves go" only to receive a pot belly, and no husband in a few years. I try to keep myself looking interesting. I wear interesting things. Like, I wear a lot of headwraps and hats. Those are my main accessories. and maybe a cute jacket. I like pink or brown jackets that come down to about your knees. I also wear the occasional wrist bands. The one that I have has a cross on it and is pink. So I usually wear a pink headwrap with it, with a brown shirt and it was something simple I threw together but everyone thinks Im cute.

Like this morning, I didn't even fix my hair. On days like that, I will usually wear a hat. It distracts people's attention from your bad hair! :) So I simply put my hair in low pig tails on each side of my head, situated above my shoulders, slapped my pink hat on, and put a pink jacket on. I was even wearing my pink house slippers. I threw myself together, but because I don't go out in sweats, I get noticed.

One mom actually came up to me and laughed and said, "you know, I think I'm really starting to hate you" she said, "you always look like a million bucks in the mornings. Maybe I should take some pointers" I was like, "ok...thanks??" and for the first time since school started, one of the moms talked to me. Maybe I scare people off because I'm so beautiful. he he, just kidding. It made me feel good though. Maybe I can change the world. NO MORE DULL LOOKING STAY AT HOME MOMS, join the revolution, dare to be noticed!

The Bus Stop

I really hate bus stops. I mean, when I was in school, my bus always picked us up at our homes, not some corner or something. I guess bus drivers are getting more and more lazy and inpersonal.

I don't like it because when you have an entire bus load meet at the corner, the bus driver does not get to know the children. Are there children missing today? which ones? How would they know? They don't take roll.

3 times in a row my son (who is in kindergarten) got put on the wrong bus and sent only God knows where in his very first week of school. I never found out where. No one knew. And how could they. I just know he was a 5 year old running home by himself while I am making phone calls and trying to locate him.

We always developed good (or sometimes bad) experiences with our bus drivers that picked us up at our homes because they got to know us. They knew where our house was and if we didn't come out right away, they could wait, or honk. Meeting at a corner, you miss the bus, you miss the bus.

Anyway, I guess I am ranting for no reason. I don't see any change to come of this. Things are evolving into an unpersonal society, where people are only worried about speed, not you.

Wouldn't you like everyone to just slow down every once in a while. You can't enjoy anything anymore. People take your money at the checkout and they practiallly push you out to get the next customers money and I am sure I could go on, but then I am getting off my subject so I guess I will bring my rant to an end.

Cash Crate Surprise

Click here to get your free membership with cash crate

I signed up for Cash Crate recently, thinking I may or may not get something out of it. I have done things like this before... several, that usually pay too little for you to ever get to a payout. So before I signed up, I checked out their forum and listened to what people had to say that were making money with cash crate. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that just about everyone was making a little bit, with some making quite a lot. So I went ahead and signed up. It's free anyway, so I figured, why not?

You have a choice to chose offers the way you want them. By popularity, by 100% free offers, etc. I always chose the 100% free. I signed up to as many as I wanted for free and watched my stats. (Check your e-mail often because you will get confirmation e-mails you will have to click to confirm before the pay shows up to your cashcrate account. You will then get an e-mail from cashcrate saying congratulations, a credit of $XXX has been added to your account. Sweet!

It is not only signing up for stuff, they also have 2 surveys you can chose to do per day that will earn you money. You can find it on the daily survey tab. Don't forget about that, it's an easy way to make extra money.

So I signed up for all the stuff that I wanted for free, and did a couple of the daily surveys, and I was surprised when a check showed up in the mail from Cashcrate! They sent it fast too. Payout is on the 20th. You have to meet the payout amount ($10) by the 20th, then they will issue you a check. I got mine a week or 2 after the 20th. And this is my paystub to prove it:

You might be thinking... wow, that's a small check. Well that is my first ever check from cashcrate and to me, money is money. $10 is $10 and I am happy.

If you are still curious, you can check out their site here:

Where in the World is Paula Viola Hayes???

This is my fault I suppose. It has probably been 2 years since I moved when my husband joined the military, and I lost contact with my BFF Paula Viola Hayes. I have tried to people search her to no avail (they don't seem to be as updated as they let on). So I kinda gave up. She has her life, I have mine. She is probably a teacher now. 25 years old. We went to school in Missouri together. Anyway, If anyone happens to know her, bring her to my site.
Thanx all!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A New Adventure!

I just completed my first transaction with ebay! How exiting. I had not the slightest Idea what I was doing and had no idea how it would turn out, but I did it! I shopped "victoriously". And I feel like I won a prize...even though I paid for it. :) I "won" a potty seat for my girl. My 3 year old believes she will fall in the toilet of public restrooms, so I bought a potty seat that fits over it so she won't fall in, also it folds up so it will fit into your purse or handbag. It's dora, so It should be a winner. I have been just bringing her whole potty seat from home, but I don't have to tell you how cumbersome and annoying that was. This will be a whole lot easier and convenient. I am a happy mom right now :)

I did not pay much for it though. It started bidding at $.99 and that is what I got it for. What about shipping, right? It was $5.00 for shipping, but even at that when you add it up, to $5.99 for the total cost, I still couldn't have gotten that price even at the local flea market. And I had already looked for this in stores and I never could even find one, so this is perfect. Convenient and fun. Unfortunately for my husband, it looks like I will be doing this a lot more now that I know how to do it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Old Concept drawings

I am very proud of my husbands artistic talents. He will be going to college soon to fulfill his dream of being a game designer. These drawing are several years old and most of them were not ever finished. This is just a sample of his talent. I couldn't find anything recent but he draws all the time.

My Husband the Composer

In case you cannot read it quite well here is what it says (its a poem)

Take me where
Angels Fly so high
Can you take me
Where angels Never cry

You've got the power
to make the clouds begin to try
The wind whispered me a tale
of a girl whose heart
pounded out a beat for nature

To stare into her eyes
Is to go beyond her lies
To listen to her voice
Is to hear a beautiful noise

...I am sure he did not complete this. I found this laying around the house with a bunch of other concept drawing he made. He is a really good artist and thought you may find this poem interesting, though I'm not sure I understand it or that it makes sense.

To Make You laugh

I will add some of my "artwork" here, if that is what you would call it. I am not an artist. Sadly, I spent a lot of time on the Dolphin picture and only looks descent because I got it from an art book. :)

Allright, now can anybody even tell what is going on in this horrible picture???

How I chose my Career

Chosing a career is not always easy. You may know what you wanna do, but it ends up being like ice cream. You may know you want ice cream, but then you have to pick a flavor, and then, it is hard to get someone who wants to help you, or at least it has been a little challenging for me.

I did finally find a college that is trying to help me out. I finally decided on medical assistant because I have basically already been a medical assistant, I just didn't have the title or the certification to show for it. ... oh yea, and I never drew blood, but that is the only thing I haven't done in the office I used to work at and it doesn't bother me the thought of doing it. I think some people freak out.

I was hired as a receptionist for a small doctors office and eventually, became the "do everything girl". When the nurse was gone, I became nurse and the biller, and the transcriber, and the receptionist, and lets see what else...

Anyway, I think I did my job with much grace and I was very good at what I did. The patients loved me and I think I really miss getting to interact with them.

I had to quit about 1 1/2 years ago when my daughter went into the hospital with multiple problems (you can read about it in my other blog: Basically, she couldn't go back to daycare with all of the germs and her immune system being so weak, so we made a choice for me to stay at home with her until she got better, which I suspected may be years.

So she is 3 years old now and I am applying to college right now. I am planning it good so that she will be in preschool... maybe even kindergarten by the time I get out of my training.

I chose medical assistant ultimately because I have 3 years experience already, I would love to work with patients again, and it only takes one year to go through an online program :). Oh yea, and it pays pretty good of course. It pays better as you get experience so I am betting that will help me since I already have experience.

After I start working, I may get some radiology training. I like taking X-rays. You get to be in a dark room, its quiet, I think its fun...peaceful for the most part. I have done it before. It's not hard. Just like anything else you have to learn it. It's just with prerequisites n' all it would take me 3 years to become a radiologist.

I also kind of like the idea that the only prerequisite for medical assisting is to take the ACT test. I think I can handle that!

Casting Crowns - I Know You're There
The song playing is from this CD: