Monday, October 15, 2007

Cash Crate Surprise

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I signed up for Cash Crate recently, thinking I may or may not get something out of it. I have done things like this before... several, that usually pay too little for you to ever get to a payout. So before I signed up, I checked out their forum and listened to what people had to say that were making money with cash crate. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that just about everyone was making a little bit, with some making quite a lot. So I went ahead and signed up. It's free anyway, so I figured, why not?

You have a choice to chose offers the way you want them. By popularity, by 100% free offers, etc. I always chose the 100% free. I signed up to as many as I wanted for free and watched my stats. (Check your e-mail often because you will get confirmation e-mails you will have to click to confirm before the pay shows up to your cashcrate account. You will then get an e-mail from cashcrate saying congratulations, a credit of $XXX has been added to your account. Sweet!

It is not only signing up for stuff, they also have 2 surveys you can chose to do per day that will earn you money. You can find it on the daily survey tab. Don't forget about that, it's an easy way to make extra money.

So I signed up for all the stuff that I wanted for free, and did a couple of the daily surveys, and I was surprised when a check showed up in the mail from Cashcrate! They sent it fast too. Payout is on the 20th. You have to meet the payout amount ($10) by the 20th, then they will issue you a check. I got mine a week or 2 after the 20th. And this is my paystub to prove it:

You might be thinking... wow, that's a small check. Well that is my first ever check from cashcrate and to me, money is money. $10 is $10 and I am happy.

If you are still curious, you can check out their site here:

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