Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Real surveys that actually pay you cash

I have found (and signed up for) all kinds of paid survey sites. Some of them give you point to maybe win something, but there are the few I have found that actually pay you, without having to sign up for someone else's offers. One of my favorites is Pine Cone Research. You have to be invited to their panel though. I luckily got in with some hard work and searching.

Another favorite of mine is American Consumer Opinion. It works much like Pinecone, but anyone can join. Their surveys aren't the ones you usually see, they are asking you real questions about your shopping habits, what you usually buy, some are about a new movie coming out, they ask you why you don't like certain products, things like that. They pay really fast by check in the mail. I have included my latest paystub here. I earned $4.00 for this one survey:

Hey, it's not much, but I only took one consumer survey to get that. Not bad. I can buy quite a few candy bars for that, or even buy myself lunch! My husband makes fun of me but I love it. The surveys never take long, and I am always happy to get a check in the mail. So if you want to check them out too, its completely free to join and you can start doing surveys and making some easy money. Just click on the box below:

They do not spam you as far as I have experienced. I have only received e-mails when they had a new survey for me to do, and you don't want those to be thrown out!

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