Monday, November 19, 2007

Do you believe in Orbs?

I have to tell you that I am a skeptic, but I still cannot explain the strange orb-looking objects that we captured on our digital camera. We took hundreds of pictures in the same spots and most of them did not capture anything, but here are the results of the few that we did catch!

(above picture) hard to see, but look closely at the blinds.

Are these ghosts? Can they be explained? Leave me your comments!


Anonymous said...

The orbs are interesting, no doubt. Unfortunately, they aren't necessarily paranormal. It's been discovered that digital cameras, while not broken or malfunctioning, have been known to capture reflections of their own flash, or cause orbs by other means.

That's not to say your orbs are NOT paranormal, but many orbs caught on digital cameras can be attributed to the cameras themselves.

In one of my own blog posts (Scientific Sources or Paranormal Playthings? Tools and Troubles of the Ghost Hunting Trade []) , I included a great picture of Orbs I caught at a supposedly haunted house in Williamsburg, Virginia last November... unfortunately, I do believe it was the camera moreover than ghosts.

I've also caught Orbs at waterfalls, in my house, and on several vacations... all images taken on the same camera.

Aside from the orbs, have you had any other signs of paranormal activity?


sparx said...

I'm curious.. what kind of camera are you using?

Sunny Sky said...

I use an HP Photosmart for all of my picture taking. It is the M425.

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