Friday, October 19, 2007

God has an audible voice?

I have heard people say, yea, God talks to me but I mean like I just feel something in my heart, not an audible voice. While I believe this can be true and I think that God speaks to everyone in his own special way, I HAVE heard an audible voice from God. Now, it was a still, small voice, as it says in the Bible, but I could hear it. This has happened twice in my life, and if it happens to you, you will never forget. I believe that at the time that I could actually hear his voice, it was because he needed me to hear it. I was in danger and he wanted to protect me.

I was driving down a new stretch of highway, 2 lanes going in the same direction. It had just opened a week before when I got onto it. I decided to pass a slow poke in my right lane, so I turned my blinker on and proceeded to enter the left lane. We were coming up a hill that you can't see over when I heard this quiet voice say "Get over" and I thought, "get over? I am almost around this guy" and he said it again,audibly, like a whisper in my ear "get over" so I said "ok" and slowed down and got behind the slowpoke again. Just as I was getting in the right lane, here comes an old lady in the left lane, driving the wrong way right towards me. I just missed a head on collision. That's when I knew that it was God talking to me and that he had just spared my life. I would have died driving 60mph in a head on crash like that. It made me feel good. As long as I am a christian, I don't have to fear anything, because God will take care of me, and even warn me of things! I did not realize until then how much God cared about little ol' me. And it also makes me aware at how scary it can be to be out of the will of God, or to not be a christian and not have that kind of protection. And it makes me realize how important it is to be listening for his voice. Sometimes our lives are so busy or loud, we probably miss some important messages from God. And let me tell you, that is not a message that I would have liked to miss!

The second time this happened where I heard him speak to me, I was going through a confusing time in my life and he gave me a scripture to read and I remember what it was to this day. Isaiah 53. Read it sometime.

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Given55 said...

Interesting. Before I became a Christian, I too was saved by God in the same matter. I was told to pull over & a car was coming over the hill in my lane. I know it was God, because I know Him so well now. Great post.

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