Monday, October 22, 2007

Easy Homemade Pizza

My mom gave me this recipe for making your own homemade pizza from scratch. It is much cheaper than ordering out and everyone will devour it.

My daughter is very, very picky, but I was shocked when I made this pizza, neither of my kids could eat it fast enough! And my husband is just thrilled that I am doing "homecooking now".

you will need sugar, salt, and flour, but its likely you have that laying around the house already. I like to use sea salt, but you can use your typical table salt.

I buy an 8oz bag of pepperoni (its the biggest bag they have at the grocery store) I get mine for $1.99*.

2lbs of mozarella cheese $5.35* (don't worry, this is a lot of cheese and will last you a long time)

Hunt's seasoned tomato sauce for pizza $.70* (one can will make 2 pizza's)

yeast $2.00* for pack of 3 (but will last you a long time)

So if you add it all up, you spend $11*, and you would have enough ingredients to have pizza just about every day of a whole week. You can't get that kind of a deal with takeout and it seems my family prefers it. The pizza sauce you have left over, I wrap it up good with saran wrap and it will keep in your refrigerator for 14 days. Just to be safe, I get a black permanent marker and put the date on the saran wrap and the date it should be chucked, which I will usually mark a few days earlier than the 14 days just to be safe, and I always use it before then.

(*prices will vary)

So here is the recipe to make 1 homemade pizza:

1 cup warm water
1 tbsp yeast
1 tspn salt
1 tspn sugar
3 cups flour (or more as needed)

Put all the ingredients together in a bowl and knead it for a few minutes. ( This is my favorite part because it helps me get out the frustrations of the day) You can let the dough sit for about an hour in a warm place to let it rise, but if you like thinner crust, this step is not necessary.

You will now want to preheat your oven to 475.

Roll out your dough to fit onto your pizza pan (you can also use a rectangle baking sheet if you wish). Make sure your baking sheet is greased first. Spread on your desired amount of pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozarella cheese (or any other toppings you prefer). Let it bake at 475 for about 10 minutes.

That's it! You just made a homemade pizza your family will love you for!

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