Tuesday, July 29, 2008 thieves

This morning I woke up to find that after telling them a thing or two about what I thought about their shady company, they discreetly put my money back in my bank account. So now I'm happy, but want everyone to know what they really are before they make the same mistake I did.

It started with receiving an e-mail (junkmail) which I clicked on in curiosity and it took me to a no risk sign up page. 100% satisfaction guarantee (lol!)

I filled it out and then it directs you to a page to give them your credit card information for only $1.95 for membership to their site. Sounded like a good deal, so I did it. I've spent more money on mocha's at starbucks after all.

I signed up and didn't give it another thought. I have several profiles on the internet, most of them are free so didn't think this was a big deal or any different at all until..... I saw my bank statement 14 days later where they charged me $50.00!!!
for what??? I never got anything for $50.00. So after spending hours and hours and days trying to get a person on the phone for this company, I finally get a hold of someone that was very cocky and wouldn't even cancel my membership!!! She ended up hanging up on me after waiting on hold for an hour even waiting for someone to pick up. Boy then I was mad. So I called back, waited on hold forever again, and tried it all over again. I was very nice but told her that what she was saying didn't make sense. She again agrued with me about canceling my membership and the fact that they have to charge me $50.00 for nothing because they can. I finally talked this one into cancelling my account, but why did that have to be debated? I'm confused? I'm sure it has something to do with, ... oh I dunno, money maybe?
But she told me I didn't qualify for a refund because you have to do it within 14 days. I said "well isn't this day 14???" and so we argued about that for a while and finally gave up on the poor girl and hung up.

So I thought I would call back AGAIN and just talk to a manager or supervisor. I talked to a guy named Mike who seemed smug and proud of his cheating company. I said I just need to talk to a supervisor or manager please. He asked me what the problem was, so for the 3rd time, I told the problem. Then he said he couldn't help me. I said again, I just need to talk to a manager. He told me that I didn't qualify to talk to a manager. LOL! qualify. I laughed. I've never heard of having to qualify to talk to a manager LOL! So I told him if he was gonna steal my $50 bucks I think that's bought me the right to speak to a manager! he still said no, so I told him how his company was a bunch of thieves and he hung up on me. LOL.

In the end though, they gave me my money back because they knew I was right. are thieves. Beware and I hope I prevent someone else from making the same mistake that I did signing up with them in the first place.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Can Financial troubles actually make you closer?

I know my husband loves me, but there are some things that I have chosen to keep from him (financially speaking), thinking that if I told him he would just be mad at me and I'm sure a lot of you if you are honest have done the same at one point or another.

I stay at home all day and so I am on the internet a lot. I came acrossed this site through an e-mail sent to me that offered free membership to help find casting calls. Well, why not? is what I thought. I do have my own agent but I have quite a few profiles out there to get my face shown more so why not one more? so I went to their site, where then they said it would be $1.95 for the whole membership to their site. Well, I didn't think $1.95 was much, so without telling my husband I went ahead and did it! I actually never ended up going back to that site, until....

I get an e-mail saying that they are going to automatically take $50.00 out of my account!!!

There is no where on their shady website that says you will EVER pay any more than the $1.95, but I suppose the $1.95 was a bait so they could steal a larger sum of money.

So I tried to go to the site to cancel my membership... there IS no where to cancel. I try to e-mail them, but the e-mails are apparently FAKE.

So I did some research on the company and found they had several complaints, and at that point realized I was a victim of fraud. Great.

I checked with the Better Business Bureau and this company has an unsatisfactory rating. not only that, but their business hides under a number of different names so they can continue to take money from your account month by month. Since I had already heard the horror stories, I went ahead and cancel my bank card so they COULDN'T take money out.

The point is, the $1.95 quickly became $50.00 without my knowledge, but I still felt guilty for buying into it in the first place, so I didn't want to tell my husband and just wanted to fix it on my own. My husband was initially upset because I wouldn't tell him what was wrong.

Well, I don't like to keep things from him, nor do I think it's the right thing to do, but I was already under a lot of stress trying to fix the problem and didn't feel I could handle anymore stress if he were to be upset with me.

So when I finally calmed down enough, I told him what had happened, thinking he would be very upset with me. Instead he told me it was okay and that he was just sorry I didn't feel like I could come to him with something like that and hugged me. I was just so grateful and relieved that he didn't blame me I just cried and told him I was sorry. I felt so much better and so much closer to him after I got that off my chest it was amazing to me. I always try to avoid conflict but I suppose if you have a loving partner, it will only make you stronger.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I've know for quite some time now that for some reason, my husband and his family are more 'in tune' to paranormal.

My husband talked about a time when he was a child when he felt someone or something drag him under his bed. He has seen dark shadows walking acrossed his house, and so has his father.

I've never seen anything at all like that, but then again, I don't want to either! It scares the daylights out of me! But I have had some experiences that are similar to some of his that make you really think.

for instance, he was about 17 when he got appendicitis and was in the hospital, and while his mother prayed over him to stop the tremendous pain he was in, he said that he saw a black cat jump off of him, and the pain was gone and he passed out.

I thought his story was interesting because I had an experience when I was pregnant with my second child, where I woke up startled in the middle of the night because I saw a black cat jump ON me. I thought it was just a dream or something and didn't think anymore of it, but when I woke up the next day, I became really ill for the next 7 days. I was losing weight, I couldn't eat anything or even hold down water, and had to be admitted into the hospital. To this day I believe what I saw that night had something to do with my illness.

I began thinking of these instances again lately because I was walking through the living room and my husband said, "whoa, what was that?!" and I was like... "what?" and he said he saw a black cat jump off of the tv. I was scared because I don't take these things lightly, and so tried to pass it off and just told him his eyes are playing tricks on him. I think we do that a lot because of fear. Pretend like it isn't there. But we can fight against it by simply praying, and those things must flee. They may come back, but for the time you can get them to leave.

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