Friday, December 21, 2007

A Different idea for Christmas Dinner

This Thanksgiving, we bought 2 turkeys because they were only 5 dollars each, and are yummy, so the more the merrier, right? and then I bought a humongous glazed ham. All this to feed just 4 people this holiday. So by the time we finished it all off, needless to say we are burnt out!

So what do you do for Christmas dinner if you're burnt out too? Just try something different!

This year for Christmas we just couldn't stare another turkey in the face, so we agreed upon a fancy party tray. What I did was bought some good bread (or you can make some homemade bread if you have a breadmaker), and buy lots of deli meat. We bought roast beef, ham, turkey, and pastrami. Then you need cheese so we went with Deli Swiss cheese (yum!), and lettuce, and then I went to the party store and bought little party knife picks to put in the center of the sandwiches to make them look fancy.

So I am gonna put this all together, however way I want, and then cut the sandwich into triangles. then I am going to put my fancy pick in the center and woila. fancy party sandwiches.

I also bought some ritz crackers to go along with my party tray along with a block of mild cheddar cheese.

So this will be fun to eat, and less cooking for me, and my husband loves the idea. It's a win win and I can't wait!

Good in D.C.

Just when I though all hope was lost here finding a descent person in the D.C. area, I finally got the chance to meet one yesterday. I went to burger king yesterday to order my lunch and this older gentleman came up and bought it for me. I was just so surprised and touched by this because of all the bad experiences with people I have had so far here. I am just greatful I have been able to see a little ray of hope in this dark world. I really feel that God has seen my pain and he was just reassuring me that there are good people here.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why are people so mean?

It seems that I can't even go out of my house anymore for a quick trip to the gas station without running into at least one mean, rude person. Is this just the area in which I live?

I origionally am from a small, do nothing town, and was forced to move to Washington D.C. since my husband joined the military. I have never had problems making friends ever in my life until I came here, and I don't know if it is just society in general is just getting crueler and crueler, or it's the area I live, or if it's just me!

Sad enough, I don't even desire to leave my home anymore because of who I am going to run into that is going to ruin my day. I don't know how to handle this, except for buying some relaxation medication and just taking it.

This is just one example:
Yesterday I made my quick trip to the gas station to pick up some cooking spray to do my christmas cooking and this lady in line beside me started talking to my little girl. I smiled. And then my daughter said, "mom, I'm hungry!" she only said this because she wanted junk food as I had just fed her a big lunch, which you could still see all over her face! and that lady told my daughter, "awe! she's gonna take you home right now and feed you!" (what nerve!) I said no, I'm not!, and then the lady said, "Oh yes she is baby! she's gonna take you home right now and feed you!" I said no! no I'm not! and so at that point my little girl started balling and throwing a fit just cuz this lady couldn't shut her mouth where it wasn't her place to say anything anyway!

What is wrong with people? What could I have done differently? I could really use some advice. I am trying to live a christian life, to love people, but how can you love people when they are this way? If anyone knows the secret, by all means please post a comment and let me know! Thanks to everyone.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Delicious and simple Christmas treat

Christmas Myspace Comments

I am all about simplicity. After all, I want to spend most of my time with my family, not stuck in the kitchen, but you can still make things homemade and have the pride of calling them your own without wasting a lot of your time.
Your kids can even help you out with this simple idea!

Edible Christmas Wreaths

What you'll need:
-bag of mini marshmallows
-green food coloring
-cinammon candies
-Corn Flakes
-stick of margarine

First you will need to place a stick of margarine into a large pot and heat on low/med heat. Let the margarine start to melt and start mixing in the marshmallows.
When the marshmallows are almost completely melted, then put your desired amount of green food coloring in until you reached your desired green color.

Now pour your corn flakes in with the marshmallows a little at a time and mix with a large spoon. (I dont' measure out the cornflakes, I just make sure that the flakes are completely covered with the green marshmallows, and you will be able to tell if you don't have enough corn flakes in if your wreaths look a little runny)

AS SOON as the corn flakes are completely green and covered with the marsmallow mix, immediately start scooping with your spoon onto a greased cookie sheet, placing your cinnamon candies on as you go, wherever you want them! I put 3 in a group with a total of 2-3 groups on each wreath.

This takes a total of about 10 minutes to make!

Once you have used up all of your corn flake/marshmallow mix, you are done and you can either eat them after they cool, store them at room temperature covered, or do as I do and put them in the refrigerator. (I like the taste of them cold!)

So I know this probably seems like a lot but I just wanted to include as much detail as possible so you have no problems making these. I make these every year and they are the FAVORITE treat!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Kindergartener kicked off the bus?!!!

Boy what a day folks! I'm happy one minute, the next, the school bus coordinator is calling me chewing me out like I am the worst parent in the world, telling me about the worst child in the world... MINE.

I know that I am his mom, and this may sound like I am being defensive, but I know my son.

First of all, my son is a special needs student who has had problems on the bus ever since this school year began. First (as I stated in an earlier post), they kept putting my 5 year old on the wrong bus and dropping him God knows where (I never did find out!), and then when that was fixed and he was at least getting on the right bus, he started complaining about other children. He does not talk really well and as I said, is in special needs, but he is a sweet kid that is sweet to others, and I will admit he does go with the crowd, but is not an istigator.

So the bus coordinator starts barking at me right away about him spitting on kids so much that "all of them had to change their clothes"..... first of all, is that statement even humanly possible? come on! I personally think that guy is exaggerating! Second, I want to see my son's clothes, cuz I guarantee you will find spit on him too!

I told him this and I said he has been telling me about kids spitting on him since school started but I didn't say anything. Also, just yesterday, he told me about a kid that said he was gonna punch him in the face! And they wanna act like my child is the one and only bad guy.

So he said he is suspended from the bus and I need to find him another ride to school. Well, I am more than happy to cuz I have never heard of a school bus system being so messed up in my whole life.

We will see what he says when he gets home. Yes, he will still be punished for this. He will have his video games taken away from him for a week. I am not saying that it was right, whatever he did, but I'm pretty sure that story that was told to me was not all of it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Saved By the Light!

Saved By the Lightis a book by Dannion Brinkley, a man that died and lived to tell about it. I must admit I am drawn by these types of books, but this book helped turn my life around.

I read it in just 2 days (204 pages) so I must say this is a read that you just can't put down! I was just dying to know what this guy was gonna say next!

Dannion was not really a christian at the time, so that made it very interesting.

He states in the book that 13 angels showed him 117 revelations of the future-95 of which have already came true! And this book was released in 1994, so I did some more research on the remaining future events and found that most of them ARE IN THE WORKS! Well on their way to coming true as well!

I will give you a little taste. One of the angels told him (in 1975 mind you), that in the future, Oil will be used as a weapon to control the world economy... folks, is this not happening right now?

You will have to read the book to find more. There are 10 MORE visions he had of the future and they are all listed in his book. I strongly recommend this read as it has changed my life.

We have been struggling to go to church and to find a church in the new town that we moved to, and after reading this book, God revealed many things to me and now we have found a fantastic church, our marriage is even getting better, and I feel like a new person! If you would like to read this book, they are practically giving it away since this book has been out several years now. It was on the New York Times Bestseller List for over 5 months, and you can get it for the best price here.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

23 Minutes in HELL

23 Minutes in HELL is a compelling and can't put it down read about one man that actually spent 23 minutes in hell, and lived to tell about it. I have read this book actually 3 times. The first time I read it, I finished it in one sitting it was so good. Definitely a book you just can't put down.

In this book, he describes the smells, the terrorizing demons, screams of agony, and the strong hand of God lifting him from the pit.

There are plenty of verses to back up his story and he has done extensive research on hell after his experience. The book contains more than 150 verses in reference to hell.

In this book, many of our questions about hell are answered for us such as:
Is Hell an actual place?
Where is it?
Do you have a body in hell?
Are there children in hell?
Can good people go to hell?
...and more!

I can guarantee this book will get your attention, it got mine, and I often re-read it to remind myself and keep myself on the right track.

This book gives you a real, detailed glimpse into hell, and hopefully this book will be the closest we ever come to experiencing it. If you would like to see the book, click here.

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