Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just thought this was awesome :)

I came acrossed this graphic while trying to find my friends some cool comments and I just couldn't resist but share it with everyone :) I know guys probably won't care about it but come on, it's cool!

MySpace Comments

If you want to be friends with me as well, just click here and sign up! We get paid to be friends here and of course it's free to sign up :)

Yuwie:Invite friends, hang out, Get paid!

I really hope to see ya there, it's loads of fun!

Friday, January 25, 2008

What is this mythical creature?

My husband drew this and said that this is what I would look like if I were a certain mythical creature... I don't remember what he said it was called, though I think it starts with an "M". Do you know?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fantasy Dolphin

Here is a picture my husband drew for me, because I LOVE dolphins! Isn't it beautiful?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Snowing in D.C.

These are just some pics of the snowfall from yesterday.
The snowflakes were huge!!! And we are expecting another wintery go round this Saturday.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Maybe Ben 10?

Has anyone heard of Ben 10?
My husband drew this picture last night and really was just drawing whatever, and my son said it was Ben 10.
what do you think?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"The Bunnyman"

There is a little of a back story as to the origin of this drawing my husband did.
I was discussing with him the legend of the bunnyman that I read in a book called, "Weird U.S." (which is awesome by the way!) and I guess through subliminal messaging, my husband just started to draw bunny ears on his drawing!

I noticed and said, "Oh, is that the bunnyman?" and he said, " ha! I didn't even realize why I was doing that!"

A Joke?

I woke up this morning and glanced at the notice board we have in our room, and noticed there was something new added to it.

Here's what it said:

The preacher said, "Lord, without you we are but dust...", it was then that my friend looked at me and asked, "What is butt dust?"

Without knowing why my husband wrote that up there, its funny, but is it a joke? Has anyone heard of this? or maybe it was a dream he had and wrote down before he went to work.

Who knows, but it's funny :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

I had the funniest dream!

I found my dream I had last night so funny, I actually woke up laughing!

So here it goes:

I dreamed that I was driving on a highway in Missouri (that does not exist) and If you go the wrong way (as I did) you end up in the Meremac River.

So I said, "WEEEEEEEE!" as we got tossed by the hurricane type waves and at the end of the swimming trip we lost our raft (where did that come frome?) So my husband went back to get it while I swam to shore.

It was some kind of resort with lots of people buzzing about. Me and my husband walked up to this cellar type door to have some fun. You had to open the door by figuring out a code on an ATM machine type lock system (weird!) It took me a couple times, and then the door finally opened.

I saw waitresses walking around with drinks, all sorts of different fun things going on, like they were having a gladiators type tournament ( I believe this was in my dream because of the commercial I saw the day before with hulk hogan!)
This place had hot tubs, etc.

I said I needed to use the restroom first, so I started searching for a bathroom and noticed the Men's bathroom was labeled "Retards" (ha haha! I think this is because I had called my husband a retard that night when he was being silly) and the ladies bathroom was labeled "Chocolate" (I think this may be because I have been on a diet this week, and am depriving myself of my favorite food group)

So I walked through Subway (yes, this cellar had a subway too!) and I walked right by John Stamos from Full House! (ha ha ha! I'm pretty sure he was there because the day before I was looking up where the stars are now from full house, of course he was one of them on the internet)

And then I woke up... laughing!
I've never had a dream like that where I knew pretty absolutely why so many silly things were in my dream. Usually my dreams don't make any sense at all and I cannot ever relate them to the day before, so this was really fun to know what everything stood for.

So what are your thoughts!?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What is a lasapoo??? and more information

My husband recently bought me a lasapoo. It's an adorable new breed that is a cross between a lasa apso, and a miniature poodle.

They are cute and lovable, and a really great lap puppy. Mine (her name is Princess) will sit with me and actually watch tv! it's so funny and cute :)

Ours has been trained to be an indoor dog, and it took me about 3 months to completely potty train her for a litter box. She was first trained with kitty litter which worked really well, but I found it extremely messy, so we slowly switched her to actual doggy pellets called "yesterdays news", its pellets that they have made out of newspaper. you put it in a litter box and oila! The puppies love it! it's cheaper for some reason too!

I never heard of anyone training a dog to go in a litter box but it's great because now if it's cold outside, I don't have to make her go out to go potty :)

These little cuties are perfect for children (although you have to make sure the children don't hurt the dog!)

Also, If you are prone to allergies, this is great because they don't shed. I'm allergic to cats, but have no problems with my lasapoo. She's even slept with me a couple times.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Something I hate (sure to spark opposition!)

I feel that my husband has been cheating on me, with something called World Of Warcraft.

Now, I don't mind that he play video games but this is rediculous. He plays it morning, noon, and night, after dates, after outings, before and after everything!

He is an addict. (according to me :)

Since I feel that I have no part in his WoW life, I have tried to say that I would play with him, but he doesn't quite get it. He says it takes so much time to do this and that, while I tell him I don't care. I am not going to waste a whole day on WoW!

Who agrees with me? Who doesn't? Let me know!
or am I just overreacting?




Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My WILD New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, that's right, it was TONS of silly last night as we got intoxicated by our sparkling grape juice (non-alcoholic), and hooked up the 'ol Dance Dance Revolution game.

... Okay! So what? we have 2 kids and we stayed at home... hey, we still had fun :)

enjoy the pics from last night's 'partay'

Casting Crowns - I Know You're There
The song playing is from this CD: