Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Close to a disaster!

Me and my hubby rarely have time together just us anymore with the two kids and his job with the military, it just doesn't happen. So we FINALLY arranged a night out this past Saturday night. It was going to be great. Probably go out and watch a movie, and when we dropped off our first child, it began. Our car wouldn't start. We don't have some clunker mind you (unless I guess you don't like fords) :) but it is a 2004 and it has been a good car for us. Never has problems.

So for some reason our battery was dead, so we sat in the parking log a half an hour trying to figure out what to do and coming to the realization that with our luck, the night was ruined. So some nice people came over to us (they also drive a ford focus) same identical car actually, and gave us a jump. Woila! we are going! Now all we have to do is figure out what is draining the battery.

So we left it running all the way to the auto store which does free battery testing. At least then we can know for sure it is the battery or something else. So we found out that yes, the battery was dead. That is an easy fix and was happy news, besides the fact that we were paying for daycare to fix our car instead of having fun. But all in all, we made the occasion fun. We started dancing in the parking lot of the auto parts store when people would go by with their bumping music and it was fun. They even put in the battery for us (with some assistance from my hubby)

And we were finally on our way. Well, at this point there was no time for a movie, but that didn't bring us down. We still stayed optimistic and decided to go to a Grill to eat. It was fantastic. We ate until our heart were content and everything was divine! I think it made up for the bad start of the night.

So, instead of being a mess, it worked out, we still had fun, even had time to take a stroll down the street together.

When we went to pick up the kids we were joking about what was going to happen next time we want to go out. ... it's not fun for things to go wrong, but see in the end, everything worked out because we didn't lose our cool and we kept being optimistic. Just our mood towards something or our reaction to a situation can determine the rest of our day, or night. I guess we were determined not to let anything as simple as a battery ruin our evening together. And that night will be something I remember forever.

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