Friday, December 21, 2007

A Different idea for Christmas Dinner

This Thanksgiving, we bought 2 turkeys because they were only 5 dollars each, and are yummy, so the more the merrier, right? and then I bought a humongous glazed ham. All this to feed just 4 people this holiday. So by the time we finished it all off, needless to say we are burnt out!

So what do you do for Christmas dinner if you're burnt out too? Just try something different!

This year for Christmas we just couldn't stare another turkey in the face, so we agreed upon a fancy party tray. What I did was bought some good bread (or you can make some homemade bread if you have a breadmaker), and buy lots of deli meat. We bought roast beef, ham, turkey, and pastrami. Then you need cheese so we went with Deli Swiss cheese (yum!), and lettuce, and then I went to the party store and bought little party knife picks to put in the center of the sandwiches to make them look fancy.

So I am gonna put this all together, however way I want, and then cut the sandwich into triangles. then I am going to put my fancy pick in the center and woila. fancy party sandwiches.

I also bought some ritz crackers to go along with my party tray along with a block of mild cheddar cheese.

So this will be fun to eat, and less cooking for me, and my husband loves the idea. It's a win win and I can't wait!

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