Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Cool Sites

Man, don't you hate when it barely sprinkles and your electricity goes off, or your cable goes out, or your internet goofs up? That was my problem this morning. My internet is being really wacky. Keeps shutting on and off. I made a new account at and I cannot get on it because of my internet and it is driving me crazy!!!

We have been in a drought here and we finally get a little rain and my internet can't handle it!

I just signed on with yuwie yesterday and am kind of feeling the water there to see what happens. You can supposedly make money for just having friends there and doing your normal thing, so we will see and I will let you know! If you want to learn more about yuwie, just click here.

As far as I have gathered so far, you sign up for your free yuwie account, then you need to get some friends. You need to rate their sites with a 10 rating and add them to your favorites to get more page views, oh and dont forget to leave comments on other people's blogs. Another thing that is helpful is your site has to look cool. They have free layouts right there on the site, more than you could possibly look at and they are all pretty cool. You will also need to blog on your page so you get more people to come to your site and you may also want to add pictures. whew! sounds like a lot, but I did all of this in 1/2 day yesterday and I think mine is looking pretty good. It is pretty straight forward and easy to do.

I have been finding some cool sites today though in between blackouts. I like You can pick music you want to put on your site and it gives you a code for it you can just copy and past to your site.

And for your myspace pages, or yuwie page, I found a couple cool sites.,,, to name just a few.

In case I have failed to mention it before, one of my all time favorites (because I love freebies) is You just put in your mailing address and they will send you all kinds of samples from tide detergent, to post-its, and they are not stingy either. I got a tide sample the other day (which smelled divine) and It came with 1 load of detergent and 2 dryer sheets. And I am definitely buying them when they come to my store they smelled awesome!

So go ahead, check them out. They are all free.

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