Monday, October 15, 2007

The Bus Stop

I really hate bus stops. I mean, when I was in school, my bus always picked us up at our homes, not some corner or something. I guess bus drivers are getting more and more lazy and inpersonal.

I don't like it because when you have an entire bus load meet at the corner, the bus driver does not get to know the children. Are there children missing today? which ones? How would they know? They don't take roll.

3 times in a row my son (who is in kindergarten) got put on the wrong bus and sent only God knows where in his very first week of school. I never found out where. No one knew. And how could they. I just know he was a 5 year old running home by himself while I am making phone calls and trying to locate him.

We always developed good (or sometimes bad) experiences with our bus drivers that picked us up at our homes because they got to know us. They knew where our house was and if we didn't come out right away, they could wait, or honk. Meeting at a corner, you miss the bus, you miss the bus.

Anyway, I guess I am ranting for no reason. I don't see any change to come of this. Things are evolving into an unpersonal society, where people are only worried about speed, not you.

Wouldn't you like everyone to just slow down every once in a while. You can't enjoy anything anymore. People take your money at the checkout and they practiallly push you out to get the next customers money and I am sure I could go on, but then I am getting off my subject so I guess I will bring my rant to an end.

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