Friday, October 12, 2007

How I chose my Career

Chosing a career is not always easy. You may know what you wanna do, but it ends up being like ice cream. You may know you want ice cream, but then you have to pick a flavor, and then, it is hard to get someone who wants to help you, or at least it has been a little challenging for me.

I did finally find a college that is trying to help me out. I finally decided on medical assistant because I have basically already been a medical assistant, I just didn't have the title or the certification to show for it. ... oh yea, and I never drew blood, but that is the only thing I haven't done in the office I used to work at and it doesn't bother me the thought of doing it. I think some people freak out.

I was hired as a receptionist for a small doctors office and eventually, became the "do everything girl". When the nurse was gone, I became nurse and the biller, and the transcriber, and the receptionist, and lets see what else...

Anyway, I think I did my job with much grace and I was very good at what I did. The patients loved me and I think I really miss getting to interact with them.

I had to quit about 1 1/2 years ago when my daughter went into the hospital with multiple problems (you can read about it in my other blog: Basically, she couldn't go back to daycare with all of the germs and her immune system being so weak, so we made a choice for me to stay at home with her until she got better, which I suspected may be years.

So she is 3 years old now and I am applying to college right now. I am planning it good so that she will be in preschool... maybe even kindergarten by the time I get out of my training.

I chose medical assistant ultimately because I have 3 years experience already, I would love to work with patients again, and it only takes one year to go through an online program :). Oh yea, and it pays pretty good of course. It pays better as you get experience so I am betting that will help me since I already have experience.

After I start working, I may get some radiology training. I like taking X-rays. You get to be in a dark room, its quiet, I think its fun...peaceful for the most part. I have done it before. It's not hard. Just like anything else you have to learn it. It's just with prerequisites n' all it would take me 3 years to become a radiologist.

I also kind of like the idea that the only prerequisite for medical assisting is to take the ACT test. I think I can handle that!

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