Thursday, October 25, 2007

More Information on Yuwie

Ok, I finally watched the whole advertisement page for Yuwie, the new blogging, frienship site (or at least it's new to me)

So, you get money every time someone views anything on your page, whether it be a video clip, your blog, profile, absolutely anything. Your payments depend upon how much Yuwie earns from the ads that they place on their site. They say that most sites that host like for instance myspace, are making 20 millions dollars off of us and they do no work. We as bloggers and friends are doing all of the work, so they say they figure they would be cool and give us a little of that money that they are earning from us anyway. They are the only site that does this.

They said the amount that you are paid per view will be different each month, so you may get more, you may get less, but that you have the potential to make $1000 a month just doing what you would be doing anyway... Talking to your friends and blogging. He does not promise this amount, as this depends on if you can get referrals. Then you get paid for a percentage of their pageviews as well as your own, up to 10 levels.

They say that earnings will be tallied up on the 15th of the month (I am guessing that is why it says I have not earned anything yet.) It does show how many times people have viewed my page and so far so good! Hopefully that adds up to something next month.

Anyway, I hope that explains a little bit more, if you would like to sign up, its quick to do and free, just click here, and good luck to you!

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aksn1p3r said...

Sounds innovative but I am South African, and most of the ad-types out there arent really realistic...

Ive added you to the megafeed at my diggpipe blog.

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