Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Kindergartener kicked off the bus?!!!

Boy what a day folks! I'm happy one minute, the next, the school bus coordinator is calling me chewing me out like I am the worst parent in the world, telling me about the worst child in the world... MINE.

I know that I am his mom, and this may sound like I am being defensive, but I know my son.

First of all, my son is a special needs student who has had problems on the bus ever since this school year began. First (as I stated in an earlier post), they kept putting my 5 year old on the wrong bus and dropping him God knows where (I never did find out!), and then when that was fixed and he was at least getting on the right bus, he started complaining about other children. He does not talk really well and as I said, is in special needs, but he is a sweet kid that is sweet to others, and I will admit he does go with the crowd, but is not an istigator.

So the bus coordinator starts barking at me right away about him spitting on kids so much that "all of them had to change their clothes"..... first of all, is that statement even humanly possible? come on! I personally think that guy is exaggerating! Second, I want to see my son's clothes, cuz I guarantee you will find spit on him too!

I told him this and I said he has been telling me about kids spitting on him since school started but I didn't say anything. Also, just yesterday, he told me about a kid that said he was gonna punch him in the face! And they wanna act like my child is the one and only bad guy.

So he said he is suspended from the bus and I need to find him another ride to school. Well, I am more than happy to cuz I have never heard of a school bus system being so messed up in my whole life.

We will see what he says when he gets home. Yes, he will still be punished for this. He will have his video games taken away from him for a week. I am not saying that it was right, whatever he did, but I'm pretty sure that story that was told to me was not all of it!

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