Thursday, March 27, 2008

Green Works by Clorox:My personal Review


This year, I have really realized how important it is that we take as good of care as we can of this Earth that God created for us.

He intrusted us with this planet that we litter on, put harmful products in the ozone, etc. How do you think that he feels about that?

I don't see anyone else stepping up saying, "hey, lets just trash this one and just build another one in 6 days"... this is the only Earth we have and I personally have felt a real responsibility for it that I have never felt before, and have started to read more up on what I can do, little affordable changes to help save our beautiful planet.

In case you haven't noticed, next time you go shopping, just scan the shelves and see if you don't notice they are coming out with everything now that is natural and more eco friendly.

Last time I went shopping, I was surprised and happy to see that they have come out with dish detergent that is natural. This product was in a smaller box than your Cascade or whatever else you usually buy and was also about $1 more.

I even saw toilet paper made out of recycled paper!

But today I'm going to talk about a product called Green Works. Clorox makes it, and I have used it several times now and am pretty satisfied. It cleans well, has a pleasant scent and is available in all-purpose cleaner (my favorite) If you cannot find it at your local wal-mart, you can get some here.

For tougher spots like on my stovetop, I just spray it with the green works spray and let it sit for a few minutes, and clean something else while I'm waiting and I've had no problems wiping up any mess with it. I have not noticed any residue either. Everything looks clean when I am through with it. The other great thing is that I have a puppy and this is totally safe to use around pets. One of the ingredients to give you an idea is Coconut.

Just know that as long as everyone does little things to help, it will without a doubt add up to a lot.

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