Friday, May 16, 2008

Pain at the Pump Growing Worse

Gas Prices

I, along with the rest of the country have been complaining that our little cars, like my Ford Focus which is good on gas mileage, have been paying $30.00 for a full tank of gas, opposed to the late 90's-2000 paying .99 cents per gallon and filling up a full tank for $10.00.

Well, this morning I've reached a milestone. With the soaring prices, I have been putting off filling up, but finally decided to today, knowing it will only get worse and a full tank TODAY cost me a whopping $40.00. And that is in a small car. I can't imagine the pain that it is putting people through with bigger gas hogs, although I bet they contimplate selling every day. One things for sure, we're making history.

Headline of the day: Gas Prices Climbing With No End in Sight

What a comforting though~


Given55 said...

I know what you mean. I took a trip to Colorado in a friends mini van. It took 85.00 to fill up each time. No more trips for me.

iMike said...


I think this post has made your blog one of my fav to visit.

congrats on all your success :)

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