Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What is a lasapoo??? and more information

My husband recently bought me a lasapoo. It's an adorable new breed that is a cross between a lasa apso, and a miniature poodle.

They are cute and lovable, and a really great lap puppy. Mine (her name is Princess) will sit with me and actually watch tv! it's so funny and cute :)

Ours has been trained to be an indoor dog, and it took me about 3 months to completely potty train her for a litter box. She was first trained with kitty litter which worked really well, but I found it extremely messy, so we slowly switched her to actual doggy pellets called "yesterdays news", its pellets that they have made out of newspaper. you put it in a litter box and oila! The puppies love it! it's cheaper for some reason too!

I never heard of anyone training a dog to go in a litter box but it's great because now if it's cold outside, I don't have to make her go out to go potty :)

These little cuties are perfect for children (although you have to make sure the children don't hurt the dog!)

Also, If you are prone to allergies, this is great because they don't shed. I'm allergic to cats, but have no problems with my lasapoo. She's even slept with me a couple times.

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carol merenda said...

I have a 5 month old adoreable girl. Kylee. She is very difficult to house train. This is the only way I can train her due to living condidtions. She does great and then acts badly peeing in rarious places. I have be patinetly teaching her for two months. No sure if its revenge or mistakes. She will do very well on the paper and for a good amount of time and then WELLA!!! Great dog very loving but keeps me steam cleaning my rugs all the time. I give her lots of praise and treats with it. Loves to be loved.

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