Friday, January 11, 2008

I had the funniest dream!

I found my dream I had last night so funny, I actually woke up laughing!

So here it goes:

I dreamed that I was driving on a highway in Missouri (that does not exist) and If you go the wrong way (as I did) you end up in the Meremac River.

So I said, "WEEEEEEEE!" as we got tossed by the hurricane type waves and at the end of the swimming trip we lost our raft (where did that come frome?) So my husband went back to get it while I swam to shore.

It was some kind of resort with lots of people buzzing about. Me and my husband walked up to this cellar type door to have some fun. You had to open the door by figuring out a code on an ATM machine type lock system (weird!) It took me a couple times, and then the door finally opened.

I saw waitresses walking around with drinks, all sorts of different fun things going on, like they were having a gladiators type tournament ( I believe this was in my dream because of the commercial I saw the day before with hulk hogan!)
This place had hot tubs, etc.

I said I needed to use the restroom first, so I started searching for a bathroom and noticed the Men's bathroom was labeled "Retards" (ha haha! I think this is because I had called my husband a retard that night when he was being silly) and the ladies bathroom was labeled "Chocolate" (I think this may be because I have been on a diet this week, and am depriving myself of my favorite food group)

So I walked through Subway (yes, this cellar had a subway too!) and I walked right by John Stamos from Full House! (ha ha ha! I'm pretty sure he was there because the day before I was looking up where the stars are now from full house, of course he was one of them on the internet)

And then I woke up... laughing!
I've never had a dream like that where I knew pretty absolutely why so many silly things were in my dream. Usually my dreams don't make any sense at all and I cannot ever relate them to the day before, so this was really fun to know what everything stood for.

So what are your thoughts!?

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JOY said...

Funny and cool lol! Sometimes I do dream and in my dream I said that I know its just a dream..that's true..anyway you remember me right? I am asking for your favor to vote me. Just visit my blog ok?please..:)

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