Wednesday, February 25, 2009

*New Moon Giveaway*

New Moon Pictures, Images and Photos

The Twilight series inspires me so much, I'm always looking for new things to make that are unique for myself, family, and of course I love to share then with others too.

I have most recently created a pretty necklace inspired by New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, and decided to also make a keychain to go along with it. So awesome :D
I have these listed as a set rediculously cheap right now for a limited time on Ebay. You can see my newest creation here

Right now, it's listed for only $4.99 with free shipping! I offer it this cheap because I just enjoy making these items and really as long as I pay for my supplies, I'm a happy girl :D so check it out, and good luck!

new moon Pictures, Images and Photos

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