Friday, January 9, 2009

I've caught the Twilight Bug... and it's bad!

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It all started when my 55 year old mother called me on the phone a few weeks ago to tell me that she went to the theater to see the movie Twilight with my 18 year old sister and she said she actually liked it. For a 55 year old to say they enjoyed a teen flick, wow, it must've been something I thought.

It was at that time I thought, I've gotta see this!

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I ended up seeing the movie that weekend with a couple friends and just fell in love with the story and the characters. It was just so intriguing! Now that I had seen the movie, I wanted to read the book. There was parts of the movie that other people were laughing at that I was sitting there like... huh? cuz I didn't read the book so I didn't know what was going on inside the minds of the characters in certain scenes.

So I borrowed the book from my friend, read it in about 3 days, and I've never been this crazy about a book before in my life!!! Immediately after finishing reading Twilight, I started bidding on ebay for the other 3 books in the series, dying to know what happens next! But everyone else is so crazy about twilight as I am that everyone kept outbidding me, so I finally gave that up and went to the bookstore yesterday and bought New Moon and Eclipse. I'm on chapter 5 of New Moon and I'm really trying to take my time reading it and enjoy it but it's hard. it's just so good! and Stephenie Meyer is such a superb storyteller, she just makes you want to read more and more and more. :D

really, I hope she never stops writing.

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

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