Sunday, September 7, 2008

Awakened by a ghost?

The other night I remember barely peeking open my eyes in our dark bedroom, beginning to awake in the middle of the night (which I never do) and I thought I saw something.... so I opened my eyes more and it was still there!

I saw a see through white, faceless figure that appeared to be about 6 feet or more tall, and even though it didn't have a face, I felt that it's eyes were fixed on me.

All I know was it scared the begebees out of me and I started tossing and turning, trying to scream but I didn't hear any sound come out.

My husband woke at that time and said, " what happened? you're okay, you're okay", I was crying. I felt very strange after that. I asked him what I did. He said I was screaming. That startled me and confused me even more because I know I didn't scream, or I didn't hear it anyway. There was no way I could sleep like that so I got up at that point.

When my husband woke up in the morning he asked me what I saw and I told him. I said I didn't understand because it was WHITE. I've never believed that there were actual "white" ghosts. I've only seen black figures before so to me this didn't make sense.

Well, my husband then told me that his dad used to see white ones, usually before someone died.

I did a google search that day and found out all sorts of stories about these white figures I never knew anything about. I hope no one is about to die.

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