Monday, July 28, 2008

Can Financial troubles actually make you closer?

I know my husband loves me, but there are some things that I have chosen to keep from him (financially speaking), thinking that if I told him he would just be mad at me and I'm sure a lot of you if you are honest have done the same at one point or another.

I stay at home all day and so I am on the internet a lot. I came acrossed this site through an e-mail sent to me that offered free membership to help find casting calls. Well, why not? is what I thought. I do have my own agent but I have quite a few profiles out there to get my face shown more so why not one more? so I went to their site, where then they said it would be $1.95 for the whole membership to their site. Well, I didn't think $1.95 was much, so without telling my husband I went ahead and did it! I actually never ended up going back to that site, until....

I get an e-mail saying that they are going to automatically take $50.00 out of my account!!!

There is no where on their shady website that says you will EVER pay any more than the $1.95, but I suppose the $1.95 was a bait so they could steal a larger sum of money.

So I tried to go to the site to cancel my membership... there IS no where to cancel. I try to e-mail them, but the e-mails are apparently FAKE.

So I did some research on the company and found they had several complaints, and at that point realized I was a victim of fraud. Great.

I checked with the Better Business Bureau and this company has an unsatisfactory rating. not only that, but their business hides under a number of different names so they can continue to take money from your account month by month. Since I had already heard the horror stories, I went ahead and cancel my bank card so they COULDN'T take money out.

The point is, the $1.95 quickly became $50.00 without my knowledge, but I still felt guilty for buying into it in the first place, so I didn't want to tell my husband and just wanted to fix it on my own. My husband was initially upset because I wouldn't tell him what was wrong.

Well, I don't like to keep things from him, nor do I think it's the right thing to do, but I was already under a lot of stress trying to fix the problem and didn't feel I could handle anymore stress if he were to be upset with me.

So when I finally calmed down enough, I told him what had happened, thinking he would be very upset with me. Instead he told me it was okay and that he was just sorry I didn't feel like I could come to him with something like that and hugged me. I was just so grateful and relieved that he didn't blame me I just cried and told him I was sorry. I felt so much better and so much closer to him after I got that off my chest it was amazing to me. I always try to avoid conflict but I suppose if you have a loving partner, it will only make you stronger.

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