Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weening off Elavil

In two words: NOT FUN!

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I have been on elavil for 6 months now, and my doctor has wanted me to experiment with coming off it. So far it has proved to be quite difficult and if it wasn't for my strong will and determination, I would have put myself back on it several days ago. It's been 3 days for me being completely off of it. The first few days I was weening off it I started with cutting my pill in half, but it just felt like I was taking nothing. As soon as I started halfing my dose my headaches came back, irritabitity, shoulder muscle tightness, sensitivity to noise.

The only thing I am relieved about with the whole thing is that my uncontrollable hunger is finally going back to normal again. It's been a real struggle to maintain my weight or lose weight for that matter because Elavil makes you crave sweets like nobodys business and it shuts off the hunger switch in your brain that lets you know when you're full. I was never full!!!
So even though it seems that I am still having a problem with migraines, I am reluctant to go back to this drug now that I have gotten off it. I will probably see if they can put me on something different. I am somewhat afraid that the Elavil is the only drug that may work for my problem.
We'll see.

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