Thursday, June 26, 2008

Universal Healthcare-Healthcare for EVERYONE!

So as you know, I've recently watched the movie, "Sicko", an eye opening movie by Michael Moore which talks about our corrupt healthcare system, and most importantly how we, the people can fix it.

I found a website where you can sign a petition to get this bill passed called HR 676
which is (in a nutshell) guaranteed healthcare benefits for everyone in the entire country. No more private insurers, no more going bankrupt because of your medical bills!

We can't just continue to sit back and wait for others to take action. Take a stand and we can all make this happen~

Please at least take a look at it and I hope that you will sign. I just did. Just click on the link below:

HR 676 Sign the Petition

HR 676 Supporter


American Genius said...

I signed it

Sunny said...

Thanks for signing American Genius. I hope other's do to~

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